Palazzo 2021/2022: Emmy Steve Elkie has a sense of humor and loves to juggle – CULTURE REGIONAL

Palazzo 2021/2022: Emmy Steve Elkie has a sense of humor and loves to juggle - CULTURE REGIONAL

Peter Wiest. From

Mr. Alecky, how can you try and maintain the balance between juggling, comedy and convention without slipping balls, so to speak?

Steve Elkie: Well, I am actually a trained juggler by nature, and you can do it. I used to train extensively and still have a very good command of the technique. And as far as comedy is concerned, it pretty much matches my own humour, more in an English way. So when I play to maintain that balance that you talked about, it really comes in handy for me.

You have previously worked as an Emmy at Palazzo, but otherwise performs mostly solo. What’s the difference for you?

In fact, I’m not actually an actual MC or moderator; I do it only for the palazzo, and then on the comedy line as well. I actually came to the conference from Palazzo via Rolf Balschbach, who asked me about it at the time and said it would definitely suit me. After all, I am indebted to him; Rolf gave me a decisive push. I was very nervous in the beginning, but it got better quickly. It’s still not regular, but it’s working. And work is especially easy at Palazzo Mannheim because the audience knows you and just wants to be entertained. We don’t even do political comedy there, but just kind of joke and joke comedy – and that’s a good thing.

What specifically is the audience expecting on the performance of your palazzo this time around?

First, it’s me who’s really looking forward to the performance. It’s been an incredible year and a half now, in which apart from one or another open-air date, hardly anyone was allowed to perform, but then only under certain conditions. Now this is the first time in Palazzo that you can play normally again, and hopefully it will be a completely normal long game. The audience can be sure. I will bring all the energy and joy of the game to the arena in a year and a half – and it will be noticeable!

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Do you improvise a lot in the arena?

Yes Yes. As far as the process is concerned I have a kind of framework for performance. Otherwise, something different is added every evening, mostly directly from the audience. Then I always react more or less spontaneously – depending on the situation.

It is now his job in the palazzo to make people laugh and spread good spirits every evening for three months. Are you always in a good mood?

Mostly, but certainly not always. I have been doing comedy for over 30 years now, and of course it would be redundant to say that every evening I have my own good mood, which I try to spread professionally. It happens that I am in a bad mood, my back hurts or something. On the other hand, it’s almost always the case that when you’re on stage or in the ring you forget all the ills, and then you’re just in for the show – automatically.

How is your relationship with the other artists of the Palazzo? Do you know your self? Are you talking to yourself?

I know most of the cast, and I’ve played with some of them on other shows. How things would actually be in the Palazzo, we worked together in advance during rehearsals, for example on individual show parts or the transition between moderation and moderation.

Have you ever tried one of the famous four-course menus prepared by the best chefs in Germany at the Palazzo? And if so, how do you find it?

Yes, of course, even if it was a long time ago. Harald Wohlfahrt is truly an absolutely brilliant cook, and what he brings to the table is always exceptional and always delicious. At Palazzo Ensemble we are allowed to taste it from time to time – even if not every evening, of course.

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You’ve been performing in a tartan skirt for 30 years. What does that mean and what are you actually wearing under your skirt?

It’s like a costume to me, I’m just playing a Scotsman, and of course I wear something underneath – unlike Scots who supposedly wear nothing underneath. The humor I try to spread is like English; My role models are comedians like Monty Python, specifically John Cleese, or the well-known British comedian and magician Tommy Cooper. I like to laugh at myself – and that laugh, you can be sure, always comes from the bottom of my heart.

Information: Dates and tickets are available from 79 euros The 22nd season of the Radio Regenbogen Harald Wohlfahrt Palazzo in Mannheim began in early October. By the end of January, another show with over 30 top-class performers and glamorous dance performances under the motto “Back to the Joy of Life” will be presented at the Spiegelplast on Europaplatz, a four-course run by the chef icon. The gourmet is complemented by the menu. Harald Wolfhardt.


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