Paris criticizes London: too few Ukrainian refugees welcome, crisis at Calais port – News

Paris criticizes London: too few Ukrainian refugees welcome, crisis at Calais port - News

trento, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is raising a loud voice against Moscow, but in the meantime Great Britain is welcoming Ukrainian refugees, if not with a dropper: three hundred arrivals a week, when official figures in Italy already showed There were less than 25 thousand alone (without adding up the many private visits).

Yesterday, Boris Johnson’s government tried to speed up: there were a thousand entries.

But meanwhile, in Calais, the French side of the English Channel, the state of emergency is worsening in the face of this attitude of the British.

London, criticized for this stop and go, has so far only promised a liberal open door policy in words and approved an ad hoc law that on paper gives any Ukrainian citizen the right to a visa and land Gives, whose relatives are already living. island. , But In fact the total number of people visiting at this time is certainly less than in other European countries.,

We are beyond the limits of the shameful rhetoric of a Tory team that claims to be in a pawn position on NATO’s Western allies on other grounds – from political to military or rather than the diplomatic support shown towards Kyiv.

And it could take advantage of the personal axis created between the prime minister and the besieged president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Not even the gratitude to “Boris” by Zelensky himself in his heartfelt speech from Kyiv to Westminster Parliament in his heartfelt speech is actually enough to quell the internal dispute over reported delays and bureaucratic harassment against refugees.

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Controversy resumed at Question Hour in the House of Commons yesterday by Labor opposition, Liberal Democrats, Scottish libertarians, as are some of the majority of Representatives. At least combined in calling for greater efficiency and humanity.

Figures in hand, the Kingdom has actually allowed less than a tenth of Ukraine’s 17,700 displaced people to enter so far (including women and children) who have submitted the request till date.

Despite the involvement of the military defense apparatus with a struggling Home Office (Department of the Interior), the opening of additional consular counters in neighboring countries (Poland, Romania, etc.) or the frantic construction of a flight center to issue visas. in the north of Lille, France, Not far from the cantonments of Kailash where many asylum seekers come Awaiting response from entire channel. “We are working to solve the problems”, defense boss Ben Wallace told municipalities, echoing the words of Johnson, Foreign Minister, Liz Truss, as well as “today’s reforms” given by Baroness Susan Williams. trend” assured. , vice Minister. Interior, in the House of Lords.

However, there is evidence of serious delays. – “a shame for the country”, according to the correspondent of the progressive newspaper Guardian on the Romanian-Ukrainian border – if compared to earlier figures made by other states at the same early stage: Poland in Primis, now struggling Of the total 2 million, 1.3 million fugitives also form a zone of transit, but not Germany (tens and tens of thousands of people already welcomed), Italy (closer to 24,000) or even that little ireland (starting at 3,000)

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An unfair comparison, BoJo tries to reiterate, noting how the United Kingdom is no longer part of the Schengen network of countries after Brexit and no longer gives up control of its own autonomous visa system due to the EU’s collective security wants. Network..

As well as avoiding fear of infiltration by imaginary fake refugees run by Moscow, “knowing how dishonest President Putin’s methods can be”.

The French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmarin, who is also a politician from the north of France, He criticized Britain’s “utterly inadequate response” and “lack of humanity”. Against Ukrainian refugees deported back to Calais in the north of France. About 150 Ukrainians fleeing their Russian-invaded country have tried to reach their families in Britain in recent days, butwere invited by the London authorities to “take turns” and go to “Paris or Brussels” to obtain visas In consulates, as claimed by Darmainin in a letter to her counterpart Priti Patel.


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