Party in Downing St during lockdown, Boris is under fire

Il premier britannico Boris Johnson.

London. – The “unreserved” apology does not stop the increasingly embarrassing scandal affecting the image and credibility of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The allegations have been the same for weeks, but are getting worse and relate to parties held in Downing Street in 2020, especially in the month of May, when ordinary citizens had to respect strict anti-Covid lockdown rules. According to revelations in UK media, the places of power were openly violated.

In fact, Johnson himself and his wife, Carey, also participated in the May 20 event, along with about 40 people including officials and aides, despite anti-assembly measures at the time. To respond to harsh attacks from the opposition, notably by Labour, which presented an urgent question to the House of Commons, the Premier did not appear, as had been said, but did not appear to be the Minister, Michael Ellis, the Paymaster General (as the State Accountant General). equal figure) ) of the Tory team.

In addition to apologizing for the national “disturbance” caused by the case, he insisted that the incident at the center of the latest controversy would also end under the lens of independent investigations of the parties held in institutional venues over the period. In which the forms were in lockdown.

At the same time, Scotland Yard is conducting a preliminary investigation into this latest incident. Ellis tried hard to defend the prime minister’s integrity and good faith from a courtroom where opposition MPs were clearly in the majority and the resignations of individual members were also called for. Whereas in the two polls held in the past few hours, most voters believe Johnson should step down, as has Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon.

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Deputy Labor leader Angela Rainer, who posed the question, told municipalities: “Citizens have already drawn their conclusions. The prime minister can escape but not hide.” Earlier, left-wing party secretary Keir Starmer had told Johnson to “stop lying” after repeated assurances in recent weeks that the rules had not been broken.

Several allegations of dishonesty and negligence were addressed to the premier, but above all attacks for violating measures imposed on a population who paid heavily for those sanctions: Tears in One of Them (Jim Shannon of the Unionist Party Dup) , and the media recalled cases of Britons who were unable to stand with their loved ones because of the lockdown as they died of coronavirus in hospital.

On May 20, 2020, the recent relaxation of the strict “stay at home” sign given at the center of the scandal, which allowed people to go out only for food, medicine and daily exercise, But it was only allowed to meet someone else outside their family, as long as they were in an open public place and respected the two-metre distance.

Johnson is also trying to resist this political and media storm by keeping the bar as starboard as possible, although constant leaks about “forbidden” events bring up a branch inside the party that is crying out against him and always. Travel ready. Martin Reynolds, the head of the Prime Minister’s Private Secretariat, remains in his place (for now), the author of an email inviting a hundred officials and aides to a May 20 event in Downing Street Garden, with signs to bring alcohol. Full .

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Johnson certainly can’t avoid a direct confrontation for long: a fire question time for municipalities is expected tomorrow.

(by Alessandro Carlini / ANSA).


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