Party report, 48 hours crucial to Johnson’s political survival

Boris Johnson fa jogging con il suo cane Dilyn qualche ora prima di difendere, a Westminster, la sua carriera politica

Boris Johnson jogs with his dog Dillin, hours before defending his political career in Westminster – Reuters

“Anything Boris Johnson will say between now and tomorrow when he is released The results of a public inquiry into the party held at his home in Downing Street, We have before us the spectacle of a prime minister who is being investigated by the police and the accomplice of the government cabinet, which refuses to give a verdict in the matter. The Prime Minister has not shown respect to this country.”

Once again the words used by the Leader of the Labor Opposition are extremely bitter Keer starrer For attacking the British Prime Minister and demanding his resignation. “Johnson,” Starmer said, “turned his side of the story to what really happened at the Downing Street parties and betrayed Parliament. Behavior that should lead to his resignation.”

This was echoed by the leader of the Scottish National Party, Ian Blackford, Who said that: “Premiers enjoyed their parties while citizens felt the agony of isolation due to the lockdown”.

Johnson, however, did not budge and responded with conviction to the criticism, saying he had no intention of resigning, backed by outcry from ministers and fellow Tory party members who are on his side. “I don’t deny that a lot of people want to get rid of me, but Starmer wants to get rid of me because he knows this government can deliver results. We’ve made the toughest decisions, we’ve made the right choices.” , and I keep on with my work,” Johnson said.

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second As reported by the British press, the official Sue Grey’s report is yet to come. Officially in the hands of the Premier. A key point of the “Partygate” case will be the transparency of the Prime Minister. In making the findings of the investigation public, and for this reason, the opposition continues to demand guarantees that Johnson will fully publish the findings of the investigation without concealment.

to promise, During a morning interview with Sky News, that the report’s findings would all be published, He was the British foreign minister, except for parties that could raise “security issues”. liz truss

If, by the findings of the public report, the Premier’s mishandling should come to light, the Conservative delegates, who have so far refrained from seeking a motion of no confidence in Johnson, will no longer feel constrained and by the end of the week the Premier will be subject to the Conservative Party’s internal reckoning. which could cost him the seat of leadership and premiership.

It was Sue Gray herself who asked Scotland Yard, London Police to investigate parties held between 2020 and 2021 at Downing Street and other institutional venues that allegedly violated anti-Covid restrictions.
Among the acts envisaged by the Met Police is the hearing of the prime minister himself, another destabilizing element to his already compromised image, as opposition leader Keir Starmer underlined during a debate in parliament in Westminster today. ,


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