Partygate, Johnson fined but stayed

Free from post-covid travel restrictions

No party, no penalty. Finally, as with everything to worry about in this period, even the government believed it: the party gate had vanished into oblivion and instead, here’s the twist. Scotland Yard launched the final attack and sent fifty fines for breaches of anti-Covid rules, including three for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his wife Carey and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak. Downing Street reported this after receiving confirmation from the police. Johnson quickly explains: “I paid the fine. And I apologize once again ».

But at this point the matter – which can take the pathetic form of a humorless joke in wartime – gets serious. Not only because the sanctions (economically insignificant from 20 to 50 pounds) are influenced by the two leading exponents of the executive, but also because they are the two main current candidates for the leadership of the ruling party.

Parties that ended under Scotland Yard’s magnifying glass, some in the garden of 10 Downing Street and one at Johnson’s residence at number 11. News of the restrictions being in place bounced yesterday. In the afternoon on each British site’s breaking news, the major television broadcasters, the BBC, began a live broadcast, while journalists and spectators crowded near “crime sites”. Protests also erupted immediately, which renewed the request for the premier’s resignation. “This is the latest evidence that throws the prime minister’s defense to the wind – Labor leader Keir Starmer told the BBC yesterday – he had told the country, he reiterated it in parliament, that Downing followed all the rules to the letter. Gone was the street, the place where he lives and works. And it is now clear that there was widespread crime. I fear this will again call into question the integrity and integrity of the prime minister – Starmer concluded – which Standing in front of us saying that nothing had happened. It is clear that he was wrong and it has a negative impact on the premiere.” No mercy even on the part of Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who joined Starmer in calling for his immediate resignation. “Boris Johnson must quit – he declared – he violated the law and lied repeatedly about the violation. The basic values ​​of decency and integrity essential to the proper functioning of any parliamentary democracy necessitate his resignation. And Johnson should take his treasurer as well.’ It’s likely that many think so by now, given that Sunak is already in the eye of a storm, as he never declared that his wife didn’t pay taxes in the country. Since then, conservatives hostile to the premier have made preparations for the redress of the no-confidence letters, which they temporarily abandoned because of the Ukrainian crisis.

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