Paule again leads the Voguesburg CDU District Parliamentary Group

Medical care in Gedarn: CDU relies on dialogue

The newly elected CDU District Parliamentary Group has been formed. In a face-to-face meeting, the parliamentary group reelected the Mayor of Ellsfeld, Stephen Paule, as the chairman of the parliamentary group.

VOGELSBERGKREIS / SCHOTTEN – The newly elected CDU District Parliamentary Group is formed. In a face-to-face meeting at the Eelsfeld-Ifa gymnasium and sports hall, the parliamentary group re-elected Eelsfeld Mayor Stephen Paule as the chairman of the parliamentary group for the beginning of the electoral period. Paule has held office since 2014.

CDU District President Dr. Jens Mischak, state parliamentarian Michael Ruhl and parliamentary group president Stephan Paule explained on the findings of a new district coalition that CDU has led with the SPD, FW, Greens and FDP. Negotiators emphasized that in principle there was a possibility of reaching an agreement with all negotiators.

“But we also had to keep in mind that at this time we have to give back to people their trust in the state or municipal organs or maintain their trust. This requires stable prominence and a coordinated and unbiased approach by administration and politics. The citizens will probably be very few. ” The district administrator and the understanding of the district council, ‚ÄĚPaule, leader of the parliamentary group, renewed his appeal from the recent CDU district board meeting.

Therefore, the CDU district parliamentary group formed a five-person negotiating commission to hold coalition talks with SPD Vogelsberg. In addition to Mishak, Paul and Ruhel, it also featured Mayor Drs. Birjit Richberg and past District Council President Drs. Hans Heser.

As a successor, Margit Walisk goes to the Vogelsberg District Assembly for the CDU parliamentary group. It is said that during the CDRU parliamentary group meeting, Renrod’s central politician said. The large community of Shoten has four members in the 61-member district parliament. In addition to Wallisk, Meyer Suzanne Shabazz (SPD), Jennifer Zimmerman (SPD) and Johannes Marks (Afed).

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