Penn State Nietzsche Lions went down 0-3 as the Maryland Terrapins QB towel would roll behind Tagovaloa

Penn State Nietzsche Lions went down 0-3 as the Maryland Terrapins QB towel would roll behind Tagovaloa

University Park, Pa. – Maryland coach Mike L. Loc Castle grew from the roots of the team he now coaches, so he is intimately aware of all the pitfalls he has taken years from Pern State.

It performs like knowing Toulia Tagoviloa And the Turps are even more special during Saturday’s 35-15 win over regional rivals Penn State.

Tagoviloa competed for 18 of 26 passes and three touchdown passes for 282 yards. Rakim Jarrett Catching five passes for 144 yards with a pair of touchdowns, Donte caught another catch to Dames and Jack Funk Added scores for 80 Rushing Yards and Turps (2-1, 2-1 Big Ten Conference), winning just the third time in a 44-game series and the first since 2015.

“Great team wins.” “Ley Castle said.” I am so happy for those players in that locker room. I am happy for the players who have endured not playing competitively with us (Penn State). ”

In the last three meetings, Nittani Singh has beaten Maryland 163-6. Sean Clifford Of the completed passes for 40 y0 yards with two interruptions and three touchdowns for Penn State, 27 passes came in 0-3 for the first time since 2001.

Turps flipped the script this time and thanked Tugavailoa and the defense who tormented Penn State all night. A week after it turned into one of the best passing performances in terapins history, Tugaveloa did not hesitate to attack Penn State’s reeling defense. He completed 14 of his first 19 throws, including a pair of long touchdowns to Rakim Jarrett on two first-quarter assets that gave the Turps a non-abandoning lead.

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“I think we feel our whole offense as well as our defense that we are all finding our rhythm,” Tugaviloa said.

On the Tuga Slant route, Tugavaloa hit Jarrett and Penn State’s defense reached the final zone of 42 yards to open the scoring. Maryland got back into the game as the first quarter drew to a close, but this time Jarrett was vague to give Maryland a 14-0 lead, 62 yards away.

Funk stopped 8-play, 62-yard drive with a 38-yard touchdown early in the second quarter before Clifford cut Dotson to a 21-7 lead with a 20-yard touchdown. Tugvailoa gave Maryland a 28-7 lead when he saw Dames running below the sidelines for a 34-yard score.

Penn State coach James Franklin said, “When you haven’t been successful in the first couple of games, I don’t think you can underestimate anyone.” But it’s clear that there are some things we’ve decided and we have things there. What we will do is improve. … We need to fix it and we need to fix it quickly. “

It got worse for Penn State.

Maryland got the first turnover of the game for the start of the third quarter. Nick Cross Clifford blasted and occupied the first second of Penn State. Linebacker Chance Campbell Scoop up the fumble and return those 44 yards to give Maryland a 35-7 lead. Clifford threw a pair of touchdown passes Parker Washington In this fo


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