“Period is political”: Link wants free toiletries

Link in Hamburg presents an application that requires public institutions to provide free tampons and pads for menstruation.

Hamburg – This is a debate that has been raging in Germany for months and generating controversial opinions – especially in social networks. Should menstrual hygiene products be made available free of charge in the future in public buildings such as universities or authorities? NS Hamburger*Link is now making a clear statement about this and is in favor of such an initiative. According to BILD, their application states that tampons “should be available free of charge in the toilet, just like natural toilet paper”. What do other parties think of this idea?
24hamburg.de * shows how government factions stand on the Left’s proposal.

Scotland is considered a pioneer in this field. A law was passed there in 2020 that guarantees free access to menstrual hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary towels. The University of Geneva is also making menstrual items available to students in a freely accessible dispenser as part of a pilot project at the university. tussle Hamburg* Shortly after? * 24hamburg.de an offer from ippn.media.

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