Pink Floyd’s Cinema, a series of over 50 years

Pink Floyd's Cinema, a series of over 50 years

From fluid projections to 4k shots of light show “Roger Watts Us + Them”. From 1965 to 2020, it is an artistic illustration that lasts for more than fifty years. And beyond, because it’s not over, creatively speaking.

this is pink Floyd. Without definite article, no reference to A. Masculine plural But for a creative and abstract entity, such as Sid barrett, David Gilmour, Nick mason, Roger Waters, Richard wright They wanted it to be theirs Creature They hid behind a wall when they disappeared from the record cover, obscured by the drama of light. S. Y. D, David, The hole, please, Poruti They wanted pink Floyd, what is ours Creature, If it were art: therefore, seven notes, but also pictures, lights, graphics, paintings, sculpture, dance, cinema, literature, history, architecture, politics, archeology … and then technology – the most advanced, always; Stages – including natural ones; Soundstage and real theater; Abstract and applied design …

It’s all art Creature pink Floyd, Which is definitely yours Creators S. Y. D, The hole, David, please, Poruti But it is also Hurricane Thorgerson, Peter winne-wilson, Mark fisher, Alan parker (And many others may be mentioned) when their do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si, Variously intertwined, they are translated into graphics, lights, stage architecture, film images.

Language and dialect

In the creative explosion of the sixties and seventies of the century. XX, there were several groups that innovated and expanded the boundaries of pop (olher) music; There were very few who gave an interactive character to their musical act, combining it naturally in encounters with other arts. To the point of making it a recognized and identifiable stylistic code of their own music; Beyond the original dialect, to the point of naturally reducing it to the absolute language of art, such as music. music pink Floyd Having achieved this stylistic figure, it is necessary for that. We can speak of “PinkFloydiana art” (universal language) as the landing, conjugation and declaration of “PinkFloydiana music” (local dialect). Read pink Floyd and your point is art, Or multi-disciplinary representation of creative intuition.

Landing of language music pink Floyd To Global Language The art happens immediately; As it happens Barrett & Company They omit the standards of the styles and rhythms of the band’s previous incarnations (tea sets, screaming abdab, abdab, etc.); When there is a quartet Barrett / mason / waters / wright It stabilizes and establishes itself Pink floyd; Goes hand in hand with an explosion of creative urges Sid barrett. The moment this happens, the moment you live Lui lui Leave room for Interstellar overdrive, That music immediately becomes a total art: it is 1965 and those long improvisation jams are tied into lights, colors, projections; Experiments begin and the PinkFloydian verb is rejected in various ways and combined with other expressive forms.

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In the beginning it was sound, distorted, filtered and circular; Sound verb, willow became gnomes and oracles; Sound and action were dressed in visual phantasmagoria, in an effort – first at the na├»ve then more and more conscious – to open the doors of perception, to expand the boundaries of the mind, to make extraordinary inner journeys.

The etymology of the verb PinkFloydian has its roots in the semantics and semantics of Westcostian psychedelia and the Beat Generation, but has been found in British culture and Europe, as the verb is reduced and conjugated in the old decline.

If, therefore, PinkFloydian art is rejected in the most diverse expressive forms, its combination with cinema is quite natural.

The first trip and the light show

Meeting between pink Floyd And the seventh art occurs immediately. Recognizing the silent short film shot in the hills by Gog Magog in Cambridge in 1966 as nothing less than an amateur Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon Immortal first To travel ()“The First Trip” Is the title with which the film was released on VHS in 1994) Sid barrett, Before the first concert pink Floyd Pictures, slides, colors and light are offered on musicians.

It is the light show, a rather prominent form of encounter between music and images – in a broader sense – a spectacular experience borrowed from American psychedelic culture pink Floyd, Is elevated to artistic rank and becomes an original distinguishing feature in the live dimension. The light show is not really a cinema; It is an extension of sound perception into visual one in the context of an artistic representation, which ensures total sensory involvement. pink Floyd He is a director and a hero; This is his conscious artistic and expressive choice.

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Tonite … Frisco … Committee and more …

But after the light show, encounters with canonical cinema are also immediate, with directors who commission composers unpublished or edited music. Is a matter of Peter whiteheadDirector of counterculture in London and New York, for “Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London” (1967); This is also the case Anthony Stern Per “San Francisco” (1919 director), director also like – I. pink Floyd – From the vibrant cultural scene of 1960s Cambridge and the subsidiary Whitehead In “Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London”; Ultimately, this is the case Peter sykes, Australian director, for “Committee” (1968), a black and white film based on a short story by author and philosopher Maximum tax, Published in a literary magazine in 1966.

The three films mentioned are examples of independent and underground cinematography; For the first two i pink Floyd Mixed special edition of “Interstellar Overdrive”One of the flags of the Barrettian era; He composed music for the third film, which remained unreleased until the box was published. “Early Years 1965 – 1972” In 2016.

Landing of pink Floyd With large production house cinema “more” Of Barbett schroeder, Who made his directorial debut with the film and who, three years later, still turns to the English band “Valley”. Swiss, Tehran-born and French, natural Schroeder Handles full soundtrack of his first and second work pink Floyd; Water and Co. Include those compositions in two albums of his discography – “more” I “obscured by clouds”.

Those records unfold over the years of incredible creativity. Apart from cinema, these were years marked by experimental, original and unpublished artistic encounters. With dance, by French choreographer Roland Petit; Even with composition as a concept (suites) “humans” I “Travel”Officially published in box only in 2016 “the early years”); Finally composed in an orchestra and classical key (“Mother’s heart is like an atom”); Till the end “the dark side of the Moon”.

Artistic rise of relationship Pink Floyd – Cinema It was completed in 1970 “Zrabisky Point” Director’s Michelangelo Antonioni, One of the greatest and most innovative filmmakers in history. At the end of an intense but complex creative relationship between pink Floyd I Antonioni, During the recording of the film’s soundtrack, remains one of the most beautiful scenes in the history of cinema – the final one of Villa’s outburst on the revised and re-titled notes “careful with that Axe Eugene” – and a lot of extraordinary music that has remained unreleased for years, including the wonderful piano page Richard wright Of “love scene” Version 4.

After the cinema is turned on and recorded, the declaration of the Pinkfloydian action in the cinematic key is completed in active form: i pink Floyd They become the protagonists of the film and even commission it.

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From Pompeii to the wall

Is a matter of “Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii” (19 French2) – Trailer Here – Scotland Naturally by the French Director Adrian Maben, An unmatched and unique example of a musical film, thanks to an unprecedented but very effective encounter between contemporary music, history, ancient art, and nature. Here i pink Floyd He is the film’s protagonist with his music, but also with his face; The first is that of the face and body David, The hole, Aare I Poruti Appear prominently in an artistic performance pink Floyd. Live, they were obscured by lights and projections; The discs were covered graphically on the cover (“the Piper at the Gates of Dawn”) Or appears only in the interior parts of the artwork (“Ummagumma”, “Medal”) Belongs to.

Is a matter of “pink Floyd The Wall” (1982), by the director Alan parker, A film adaptation of the concept album of the same name; A film that has risen to the ranks of a cult film, although it represents a unicame in the history of cinema due to the total absence of dialogues, whose communication function is entirely assigned to the song lyrics.

The film is also unique because it is part of an artistic project that, since conception, has actually included the production of a musical work, a theatrical performance, and a cinematographic film. Here i pink Floyd and in particular, Roger Waters Author of the concept, he also appears as a subscriber of cinematographic work.


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