Pioli: “We could have done better. The next race will be decisive”


at the end of the tie 1-1 of his Milan on the field salzburg, stefano pioli Spoke about his team’s performance at the press conference:

Milan coach stefano pioli talked to the microphone sky Following the Champions League match, a 1–1 draw against Salzburg:

“A good result, enough but not with a high level of performance. They started well, then we recovered but we could have done better. The build was lacking in momentum, especially because they weren’t so aggressive in the second half. We could have played longer in their half. We had to face their restart, because we didn’t get along well in the attacking phase and we didn’t do well in the negative shifts. We missed a few steps too much. “

Feather tomori And TonaliUnsatisfied with the tender:

“Absolutely. The boys know when they are good on the pitch. In the beginning we struggled and they went with quality. We tried till the end, but we were not clear on the technical level.”

Sensational news of this first day Champions League comes from the afternoon matches, in which Chelsea lost unexpectedly Dinamo Zagreb,

“I didn’t expect the result in the meantime Dinamo Zagreb And Chelsea, It teaches us that there are no clear matches in football. Salzburg are a good team and have never lost last year at home. The next match for us will be with a significant specific load”,

finally pegs On the impact on the match of replacements from the bench:

“The options went well. dest He should know our game very well, but he has quality in the push phase and will give us other solutions. Oriji has to find the rhythm, but has quality plays and pobega Its features have been brought to the fore. With so many close matches, we need a lot of strong players.”

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