Pixel 5 Phone Announcement: Watch Google’s Virtual Event Live Today

Pixel 5 Phone Announcement: Watch Google's Virtual Event Live Today

It’s been a busy month launching virtual phones and today it’s Google’s turn Sept. 30 Launch Night In. Google earlier Pixel 4 unveils budget phone In august, The same day confirmed the existence of its next flagship, the Pixel 5, And the next Pixel 4 is 5G, both will have support for 5G. Google’s invitation to the September event was confirmed today with the new Chromecast and, simultaneously, the unveiled products will have “new Pixel phones”. New nest-branded smart speaker.

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Google Pixel 5 preview


Pixel 5, Like Google’s previous flagship phones, Is poorly protected from leaks (or perhaps, Lin La of CNET is suspicious, Leaks on Google’s part are part of a deliberate strategy). We got Look at the design of the first Pixel 5 Last week, when the photos came with details about the new phone’s processor, display, camera, battery life and more.

Rumors suggest That Google’s next flagship will have a hole-punch camera marrow, a fingerprint sensor on the back (in contrast) Pixel 4, which swapped it for Face Unlock), Wireless charging and no headphone jack. Not much is officially known about the Pixel 5, except for its support for the 5G, but leaks suggest a price of 629 euros (approximately 35 735, 75 575 or AU $ 1,035), with green and black color options. The sale of the phone is non-sale and the release date is not yet known.

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Screen shot -2020-09-22-at-12-38-22-pm.png

Apparently a leaked image of Pixel 5.


Google’s new Chromecast Streamer (codenamed Sabrina) The flurry of rumors has also attracted. According to the photo leak, The device will come with a remote, which is a first for the Chromecast family.

Google’s Virtual Launch Night Event on Wednesday, Sept. 30. On the 30th at 11 a.m. P.T. (2pm BST, and 7pm BST) streaming will stream online. This program will be hosted Webpage set by Google (Some interactive elevators are streaming music to entertain you while you wait – Check it out). Livestream will also be available Google’s YouTube channel. And CNET. Hosting a watch party on our YouTube channel And here on this page, so check out an hour before the event starts.


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