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The Day After Tomorrow: Trauma, Cast e Streaming Dell Film

Tonight, Wednesday 10 February 2021, Italia 1 The Day After Tomorrow will be broadcast tomorrow, a 2004 film directed by Roland Emerich. It is an apocalyptic science fiction of the mayhem written by Emerich himself. But let’s look at all the information together in detail.

The plot

Paleoclimatologist Jack Hall, together with his colleagues Frank Harris and Jason Evans, sees a troop of ice from Antarctica equal to the surface of Rhode Island. He then warned of the possible arrival of the ice age at the United Nations Conference on Global Warming. While presenting the report of his studies, he collides with the vice president of the United States, who does not believe in these frightening predictions, stating that the economy is not sufficient to direct government policy on climate change. Another climate scholar, Scottish Terry Rapson, accepts Hall’s findings as true and begins collaborating with American professors …

The Day After Tomorrow: Il Caste del Film

We have seen the plot of The Day After Tomorrow, but what is the entire cast? Below is the list of actors with their respective roles:

  • Dennis Quade: Jack Hall
  • Jake Gyllenhaal: Sam Hall
  • Amy Rosum: Laura Chapman
  • Dash Mihok: Jason Evans
  • JO Sanders: Frank Harris
  • Sela Ward: Dr. Lucy Hall
  • Austin Nichols: JD
  • Arjay Smith: Bryan Park
  • Tamalin Tomita: Janet Tokada
  • Sasha Roise: Parker
  • Ian Holm: Terry Rapson
  • Perry King: President Blake
  • Kenneth Welsh: Vice President Baker
  • Mimi Kuzik: Secretary of State
  • Nestor Serrano: Gomez
  • Glenn Plummer: Luther
  • Adrian Lester: Simon
  • Richard McMillan: Dennis
  • Caroline Keenan: Tina
  • Kenneth Moscow: Bob
  • Christopher Britton: Vorstein
  • Terry Simpson: Caesar
  • Emanuel Hos-Desmaris: Cecil
  • Amy Sloan: Elsa
  • Philip Jarrett: A.G. Campbell
  • Vitaly Makarov: Yuri, Russian astronaut
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E tv streaming

Where to watch The Day After Tomorrow on live TV and live streaming? The film, as reported today, 10 February 20-21 – 11.20 pm Italia 1. It will also be possible to follow it in live streaming through the free platform


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