PLR and Centro in government: ‘Clean hydrogen for homes and offices’

PLR and Centro in government: 'Clean hydrogen for homes and offices'

In terms of energy transition, every practical path must be followed, and “the use of clean hydrogen, therefore produced without causing polluting effects, is one of the key factors”. It is supported by the leaders of the group of PLR and Centro, alessandra gianella And Maurice Augustaniwho returns to the topic of liquid hydrogen a year later, this was October 12, 2021, asked with the usual speed enter the theme of green hydrogen In Energy Policy of the Canton Ticino.


Now, though, Gianella and Agostoni broadened the compass. With the second proposal, in fact, they are asking the State Council to go a step further: “create a cantonal legal basis so that (green) hydrogen can be used as an energy vector for homes and companies”. Not only that, the Plr and Centro want the cantonal government to promote itself in Bern to “integrate hydrogen into the ordinance against atmospheric pollution for domestic and domestic use” and, more broadly, to encourage each other to “innovate To be supported and encouraged. and research projects regarding green hydrogen as a source of electricity for homes and businesses”.

have the capacity

For now, underline the resolution’s first signatories, “hydrogen is mainly used in oil refining, in the production of fertilizers and in industrial sectors such as cosmetics and refining of precious metals”. excess? Not enough, because “with foresight it is already possible to predict some areas in which hydrogen does not currently exist which could be a particularly important development: think of transport and heating of buildings (homes and businesses)”. .

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International Energy Agency: ‘Scale technologies and reduce costs’

To explain their proposal, Gianella and Agostoni start with a solid foundation: a report from the International Energy Agency (IAE), which analyzed the state of hydrogen in 2019 and indicated possible future developments. Well, in this report the Iae got it down to paper: “The time has come to scale up technologies and reduce costs to allow hydrogen to be used more widely”. And, in the recommendations provided to governments, the motivators recall that “using existing infrastructure, such as millions of kilometers of natural gas pipelines, and policies that favor sustainable markets for clean hydrogen to reduce emissions.” invitation to make”.

And as far as companies meeting their needs are concerned, there’s no shortage of examples, starting with the Duferco Group, which recently began construction in Italy of “a highly innovative plant designed solely for fuel.” Will use renewable energy and will also be able to harness hydrogen to further reduce environmental impact”.

‘Zero emission house, a very interesting concept’

In this regard, the leader of the PLR ​​and Center group recalls, “the IAE report specifies how ‘long-term prospects may include the direct use of hydrogen'”. Also because “the concept of zero-emission and self-sustaining homes is very interesting, as they aim to reduce the greenhouse effect while preserving the natural composition of the atmosphere: domestic heating and cooling generate tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year”. In the near future, it is expected that the trend may reverse.

Scottish example

As is the case in the already cold county of Fife, where eastern Scotland overlooks the North Sea. There, “a unique experimental project in the world has been launched where an energy company will replace the natural gas used for cooking and heating three hundred homes with hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water via a nearby wind turbine.” Has been”. The goal is to reach 1,000 homes, “and has received significant funding by the UK government.” Exemplary example for plr and centro.

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