Pnrr, the return of “Professors”. A Committee of Wise Men for Economic Policy from Fornero to De Rita

  Pnrr, the return of

Eight men and seven women, as opposed to the latest appointments. From former minister Elsa Fornero to founder of Sensis Giuseppe di Rita, former deputy director of Bancitalia (as well as chairman of Rai) Annamaria Tarantola to former president of the Council of State Alessandro Peo, passing banker-philanthropists Giuseppe Guzzetti and Confesercenti Patrizia Leader of De Luise. These are the experts that Mario Draghi desired to “guide, strengthen and skill the programmatic activity in the field of economic policy coordination” in the Steering Committee just established in Palazzo Chigi.

Academics and jurists, senior public managers and business leaders (almost) all have a common denominator: a bombproof and controversial curriculum. Selecting him was Under Secretary to the Presidency Bruno Tabacchi, who this time wanted to do bigger things. Summoning the best Italian expertise in finance, work, law, sociology. Equally divided, as appropriate for a government of national unity, by context policy areas.

It would be free of charge to them to develop guidelines for restarting public investment and GDP, so that the NRP, the real engine of Italian rebirth, could be implemented. A sort of “committee of wise men”—at least that’s how Tabachi, who would be its president, understands it—is destined to suggest the best recipes to get the country back on track.

Alessandra Cervidori, an expert on welfare policies (wife of former Berlusconian deputy Giuliano Cazzola), also appears in eight “Magnificent”; Auditors’ Court Councilor Silvia Scosze, former Councilor for Budget in the Council of Marino and head of cabinet of former Minister Pepe Provenzano; Mauro Zampini, former Secretary General of the Chamber and Alessandro Palanza, former Deputy; economist Alessandra Lanza, formerly of the International Monetary Fund, in Sass and Intesa Sanpaolo; Monica Parrella, coordinator of the Department of Equal Opportunity; Professor Mauro Magatti, former Dean of Sociology at Cattolica in Milan; Lecturer in Finance at Bocconi Paola Profeta; Antonio Calabri, Vice President of Asolombarda.

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