Pope Punishes the West in Afghanistan Putin Signs Wrong for Angela Merkel

Pope Punishes the West in Afghanistan Putin Signs Wrong for Angela Merkel

Pope Francis has criticized the West’s decades-long campaign for democracy in Afghanistan. Angela MerkelBut these words actually came from the Russian President Vladimir PutinThe Associated Press reported.

Asked about Afghanistan’s political future, Francis spoke in a radio interview on Wednesday US-Army Return. The Pope said he would respond with a quote from Merkel, “one of the greatest political figures in the world”.

“We must end the irresponsible policy of ignoring popular traditions, interfering in external affairs and building democracy in other countries,” the pope translated into Spanish.

The AP said Putin made the statement during Merkel’s visit to Moscow on August 20. The Russian president criticized efforts to introduce Western-style democracies in Afghanistan. Merkel urges Russia to use its ties with Russia Taliban Persuading the Afghan allies in Germany to leave the country.

More coverage from the Associated Press can be found below.

Pope Francis accidentally distributed a quote from Russian President Vladimir Putin to Chancellor Angela Merkel in which he criticized Western intervention in Afghanistan. Above, the Pope speaks at his weekly public audience in the Vatican’s Paul VI chamber on Wednesday.
Photo Von Andrew Medicini / AP

In a press conference with Putin, Merkel admitted that “we have not achieved our goals in another project, namely a normalcy for the future of the Afghan people – I would like to make it very clear.”

“In the context of our development cooperation, I would say that we do not want to impose a system on Afghanistan,” he said. “But we have seen that lakhs of girls enjoy going to school and women can participate. There are many people in Afghanistan who are very dissatisfied with what is happening right now.”

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The Pope’s interview with Copenhagen in Spain took place at the Vatican at the end of last week. A radio station for Spain’s Catholic bishops broadcast the sermon on Wednesday and said the material was examined by the Pope himself.

Francis also said that “not all events are taken into account” as Western allies leave Afghanistan.

“I don’t know if there’s a rating [about what happened during the withdrawal]But there was certainly a lot of deceit on the part of the newcomers. [Afghan] officials,” said the Pope. I mean deceit or a lot of innocence.

He said he believed the Vatican’s chief diplomat had promised to work in Afghanistan so that local people would not be harmed, and urged Christians around the world to “pray, atone and fast” after the events in Afghanistan. requested to offer.

in job interview, Pope Francis For the first time since having a bowel movement in early July, he faced direct questions about his health status.

He said his body was well prepared to have part of the colon removed and that he could now eat whatever he wanted and lead a “completely normal life”.

He said that the visit to Slovakia and Hungary on 12-15 September is expected to be as busy as ever and will continue to visit smaller European countries including upcoming visits to Cyprus, Greece and Malta.

The Pope said he expected to attend and speak at the UN-sponsored COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland, in November.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a joint press conference after a bilateral meeting in the Grand Kremlin on August 20.
Michael Svetlov / Getty Images


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