Possible names for more delicate positions for the council

Possible names for more delicate positions for the council

Head to the team. The day after the party, Roberto Gualtieri and those closest to him began work on a team to implement the program that led to a landslide victory. The team and bus did not arrive, because the names of which will be indicated It’s not just the people who will go with them to the CapitolBut also those who will manage delicate dossiers, major events and projects: thanks to the money coming in. P n r (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), toExpo 2030 for which the capital is a candidate 2025 anniversary up to various subsidiaries. In short, there are many pieces of the puzzle to fit together. Also, for this reason, November 10 is indicated as the horizon, the deadline by which the team will be composed and presented.

There are those who still broaden their horizons by including delicate roles but full prestige, such as chair of the class and vice president of the Metropolitan City. The statute will vote for it within 60 days. Gualtieri is also the mayor of the Metropolitan City and the councilors will be elected and voted on. The deputy, along with the most important delegation, would indeed be number one, with media visibility and great operational independence. A role which, according to several sources consulted by Roma Today, may have been played by one of the Maurizio Velocia and Svetlana CelliLater close to Senator Bruno Astorre, whose reference to him is “manor” in the province of Rome.

Transport, Budget and Cabinet: From Pisana to Palazzo Sanatorio

The road leading from Cristoforo Colombo to Piazza del Campidoglio could be very busy in the coming weeks, given that elections for the renewal of the regional council in more than a year will take place. Hearing the authoritative voices of those accompanying Gualtieri on the ride towards Rome’s guide, there may be many leaving Lazio area offices to follow the former minister in the tough challenge of the Capitoline government. One is Eugenio Patane, chairman of the Infrastructure, Public Works, Mobility and Transport Commission in Pisana, who is handling the management of the delegations for Mobility and Transport. Then there is Albino Ruberti, the current head of Zingaretti’s cabinet, who will play a similar role to Gualtieri. As of March 2021 the region had Alessandra Sartore, former councilor of budget, heritage and state property in the council of Umbrian from Castiglione del Lago, current undersecretary of the MEF and former PD secretary, who will take over practically in the Campidoglio. Same powers. For the same role, the name of Sylvia Scosze is also mentioned, as she knows the budget of the Capitol very well. The Councilor of the Court of Auditors, currently the head of the ministry’s cabinet for the South, has seen an increase in his citations.

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Two women for the number 2 spot

Strong confirmation comes from two names, both women and currently on deputation: Mariana Madia and Beatrice Lorenzin, who chaired Gualtieri’s electoral committee. Both may cover the role of the deputy mayor and assume a proxy, which in the case of Madia – which was concerned with public administration at the time of Renzi’s government – ​​may be culture, while in Letta, along with Renzi, the former health minister. And gentiloni can be social.

Chamber Presidency: Pd. not to

The delicate task of managing Julius Caesar Hall, which has touched former Grillino Marcello di Vito with Rez Junta over the past five years, will no longer be assigned to a member of the Democratic Party, according to various sources, in Forza Italia. , The name that circulates the most is that of the now former president of the III Municipality, Giovanni Cado, who was previously elected along with Roma Futura. The alternative for them would be delegation for public works but “not for urban planning at all”, underline sources close to Gualtieri. From a university “rival” compared to Caudo (he is a professor at Romatre), on the other hand, the person who will take on the role of town planning consultant, Laura Ricci “la wit” architect of the Department of Planning, Design and Technology.

Onorato and Lucarelli, split better?

They are undoubtedly the two most prominent figures of Civica that accounted for more than 5% of the newly elected mayor of Rome: Alessandro Onorato made it in his image and likeness (perhaps a little too much, one would say half-mouth) and he for the 2025 anniversary and hopes to manage delegations for major events and tours that make more attractive than usual given Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030; Monica Lucarelli was the leader – even if elected third -, she is a trained engineer and successful entrepreneur, to whom Gualtieri would be looking to entrust the vast and urgent work to be done to manage the PNRR Fund and the resulting challenge of digital transformation. With the grounding of the actions needed to restart the city, which will be welcomed with open arms as its daily bread.

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The game is also played outside Rome.

A role is almost certainly foreseen for Sabrina Alfonsi and Maurizio Veloccia, the most voted in the Democratic Party. The first municipality now has few choices in the case of the former president, especially for the delegation school or green. On the other hand, for the former chairman of the XI Town Hall, the role of deputy mayor of the Metropolitan City is likely to undermine Seely. Being number 2 in this case means that the Roman province has a role of primary importance, which may be why Velociae may also have been interested, who could optionally attend the council: however, no clarity is present on the proxy. Not there.

For the game, former Italian champion Ubaldo Righetti . look for

There is a queue to take care of sport in Rome: if the appointment to the Metropolitan City goes wrong, Svetlana Selye will be a highly rated candidate, given her long experience on the sports commission of the Rome Capital. To undermine him in this matter is former Roma player Ubaldo Rigetti, who in his first experience as a candidate seeded over 1,300, finished 21st on the PD list. However, it must be said that like everyone else in this case, Roberto Gualtieri hasn’t picked up the phone recently. Each speech is from several weeks ago and it looks like it will take another twenty days for the Games to close.

to untie

Mouths are sewn on the back of delicate curtains for waste or commerce. In the latter case, the name of Alessandro Onorato is rejected by many, who as an entrepreneur would be in conflict of interest and be forced to give up his current activities. The denial also falls on the names circulated for Ama, a dysfunctional participant currently experiencing the departure of Stefano Zagis. Fabio Bellini will not replace him. Closer to the stream of Roberto Gualtieri, his name would rise to trouble the new mayor.

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There are many cards to fill out and to do so former ministers can focus on national and international names as well. In fact, it excludes that some appointments can be made using personalities from overseas. The involvement of political and technical personalities who worked with Gualtieri in his previous positions is also possible. In this sense, the name of the former Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Paola di Micheli, was seen in both the Gualtieri committee and the feast in Piazza Santi Apostoli. Possible assignment for public works or as an alternative to transportation.

Mariana Madia, Beatrice Lorenzin

Eugenio Patane, Paola de Michelia

Public works
Giovanni Cado, Paola di Micheli, Maurizio Veloccia

sabrina alphonsi

sabrina alphonsi

mariana sideboard

Alessandra Sartor, Sylvia Scozzi

Tours and Major Events
alessandro onorato


social policies
beatrice lorenzine

urban planning
Laura Ricci

home and heritage

P n r
monica lucarelli

Expo 2030

program implementation
Marco Simoni

other roles

Capitoline Assembly Speaker
Giovanni Cado, Svetlana Celli, Maurizio Velocia

Metropolitan City Vice President
Svetlana Selli, Maurizio Velokia


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