Prince Charles is COVID positive, and this is the second time –

Prince Charles is COVID positive, and this is the second time -
From Enrica Roddolo

Prince Charles of England was blocked from COVID positive: He had already tested positive in March 2020. The Queen recently saw her son, but has no symptoms

Trip cancelled, agenda blocked. Prince Charles of Englandfuture king, ha contract covid again: In 2020, the first to be infected in the first wave of the pandemic was crowned. they were canceled because royal engagement The Prince of Wales left for Winchester today from London after testing positive.

The prince (73 years old) is fine in isolation, but said he was very sorry to have skipped the trip, which was reported by Clarence House, the headquarters of the heir to the throne, which also specified how the prince completed the trip. Did vaccination cycle with three doses. Last night with Camilla – hinted at by Elizabeth as a future queen consort in a message of 70 years of reign – he attended an event at the British Museum for the British Asian Trust, which was attended by various personalities and politicians and government representatives. were involved. Chancellor of the Exchequer). Morning after attending a meeting at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth II resumed her activity in Windsor, meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday evening, And it is constantly monitored, the royal family assures us.

When Carlo contracted Covid in 2020 he was in Balmoral, Scotland, where the period of separation actually passed. In recent times, however, the heir to the throne has mainly carried out commitments in London.

Since his son William has arrived in Dubai in these hours, where he will be visiting the expo And where he talks about the Earthshot Prize project, launched last November. And Carlo in solitary confinement, Peter Hunt, already a political signing to the BBC, questions himself over the Windsor’s first operatic line. With Harry now out of the firm, and Prince Andrew too.

When required, by law they are actually treated as state councillors.
(able to make up for it temporarily) Only the first four people in the line of succession who are over the age of 21. That includes the ruler’s spouse, with Philip missing in 2021.

Yesterday, Queen Margaret of Denmark also tested positive for COVID
The traditional year-opening holiday in Norway was cancelled. The news had sparked apprehension at court given the Queen’s age (81: she passed the 50-year reign mark in January, a milestone that joins her with Queen Elizabeth, who died last weekend). I reached 70 years on the throne, two Crown marathoners) The sovereign, now on the Danish throne, was forced to remain armored due to the pandemic at Amalienborg castle in Copenhagen.

The news concerning Carlo and Margrethe comes as Europe, including the United Kingdom and Denmark, is working to loosen restrictions and gradually return to normalcy.

In Spain, meanwhile, King Felipe VI, the 54-year-old son of Juan Carlos, also had a positive result.

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Felipe and Margrethe were both vaccinated, and both symptoms are mild. And Queen Letizia, as well as Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, are not currently testing positive. They are continuing with their work commitments.

The future queen consort, Princess Mary (La.) on Christmas Eve in Denmark common man Australian wife of Crown Prince Frederick). The result: vacations in isolation. And the peak of infection in the country had in parallel opted to postpone all celebrations planned for the Queen’s golden jubilee: all were postponed until the end of September. To ward off other infections and join the long-awaited summer in the Nordic countries.

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