Pro-European Revolution Begins with Isernia, “Soon to Talk Obama in America”

Pro-European Revolution Begins with Isernia,

Milan is not the only center of political innovation and the Volt Italia is proof of that. Isernia’s deputy mayor Federica Vinci, guest of the ReputationUp Observatory’s new podcast, talks about this, but much more.
“Mine, like the story of Volt, is the story of the limelight – he tells the ReputationUp microphone – if we consider that everywhere in Italy it is said that Molise does not exist and then from here a progressive pro-European movement was born. happened which included all European states, we can say that Milan is certainly not the center of the world”.
Behind (and in front of) the European dream is his land, Isernia, which is home to Vinci. The idea of ​​attempting to include rural areas and peripheral conventions within virtuous plans with regard to policies on the environment, hospitality, birth rates, work begins precisely with the experience of life in the province of Molise.
Brexit and then the pandemic-induced lockdown were the engines of the Copernican Revolution, whose flag became Federica Vinci. “When I quit exploring Europe, it was like discovering freedom for me. Living in Isernia, where everyone knows each other and seeing your boyfriend in your hand on the street, calling your mother.” Ready for, was very different from being in Copenhagen.
Still and indeed having lived in several European countries and several metropolises, Federica Vinci chose her Isernia for quality of life: “I spent an hour and a half of my life on public transport between Paris and Milan, then I could choose Whether going to the gym or going to the cinema or having an aperitif with friends, these were the options. I arrived at Isernia, the average travel time 4 minutes, 12 on foot, to reach either place. Now, the mayor of Paris to the city 10 minutes Going crazy to make and I live there already. During the day I wake up in the morning, go horseback riding, go to work, go out in the evening and eat an aperitif, so I want to go to the cinema too. Things I’ve done in a month in Paris and Milan ».
It “takes courage to return to our small towns together to create new social networks, new jobs, refilling this sector can lead to new opportunities”. This statement is as obvious as it is symbolic.
Life in the Italian suburbs has always presented ordinary challenges, but if you see a light at the end of the tunnel it is because the new generation is reversing the pace of their parents.
For Federica Vinci, it is clear, her native region was a source of great inspiration for envisioning a new progressive political model from which the Volt was born, out of the despair of Brexit experienced in Scotland and also rural areas. willing to join. Internal European Processes.
“A political activist movement that, before engaging in politics in municipalities, parliaments, listens to the needs of the population in the regions and tries to solve them based on European best practices”.
And as for the argument for always giving power to the citizen, he remarks in the context of the Volt: “Our movement has never committed itself to value a leader by building a strong reputation around him, but rather to smaller units.” Committed to building a network of people carrying out a series of daily tasks aimed at improving the place where they live.
Hence the work with people, among people: “We never told the population, look, Europe lets you do Erasmus, if you go abroad, you have data roaming, when maybe the one-time traveler in front of you. People are six years old. We’ve changed perspectives. We asked: What do you want? And from there we tried to take a reverse path, in which we go from the micro level to the macro, giving power to the citizens”.
A political argument that troubled Barack Obama himself, who named him as leader of the Obama Foundation for Obama Europe 2020: «In less than a month I will be spending five days with the Obama family. Its purpose is to talk about the experience of Isernia and see if it can be repeated.
The secret dream is to publish a book on what we have learned in these years of political activism. Meanwhile, a smile and an infectious enthusiasm inspire Federica Vinci to change the fate of the province of Molise.


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