Pro Football Pro Hall of Fame Class 2021: 25 Semifinals Rank

Pro Football Pro Hall of Fame Class 2021: 25 Semifinals Rank

25) Bryant Young, defensive tackle (San Francisco 49ers, 1994-2007): Young was a surprising defensive lineman during his time in the NFL. He won the Super Bowl. He formed the All-Decade team of the 1990s. But when I look at his teammates on that team, I’m sure he’s with Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy, John Randall and Warren SPP Look, I love Winston Zedemore just as much as the guy up front – he was really great. But he was not at the Hall of Fame level of the other three Ghostbusters.

24) Hines and Ward, wide receiver (Pittsburgh Steels, 1998-2011): Ward may be the only person on the list to have both won the Super Bowl And Christopher Nolan appeared in Batman Flick. So he found out he was going for it. I liked his physique and the way he played the game. But when I look at the recipients in this list, I have it at the bottom. There is no disrespect. It’s like the worst look to the Hemsworth brothers. It sucks last stay – however you Is Still very generous.

23) Tony Boselli, offensive tackle (Jacksonville Jaguars, 1995-2001; Houston Texans (injured reserve), 2002): We need to find out if Boseli is coming in, as it seems unusual for this man to continue to do so. Multi-year finalist She was a wonderful talent who would probably be the best she could be – if she stayed healthy. Voters need to decide whether this will be the thing that keeps him out, or if he will just judge him based on what he did when he was on the field.

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22) Clay Mathews, linebacker (Cleveland Browns, 1978-1993; Atlanta Falcons, 1994-96): Matthews put in a good career of his own in almost two decades. But do you know how WWE Hall of Fame will include Fame, Four Horsemen or The Heart Foundation? I wish the NFL would do it here, and just get started Matthews family Total. I mean, even if you adopt that kind of format change, Eli Lee Manning can get into it too! (I am joking!)

21) Fred Taylor, running back (Jacksonville Jaguars, 1998-2008; New England Patriots, 2009-2010): Wait, if we’re doing that for the Matthews family, then maybe we can extend the rule to include members behind influential members? I loved watching Taylor and my guy Murris Jones-Drew back in the day. Taylor was great! However, while I wasn’t taking anything away from what he could do compared to everyone else on this list of elite players, he would get off here. Which, trust me, is still amazing.

20) Ronde Barber, Cornback (Tampa Bay Bookniers, 1997-2012): I love Ronde, but I think it’s hard for him to stand in a position full of Hall of Famers, whether you’re in the 1990s (Dion Sanders, Rod Woodson, Darrell Green and Aeneas Williams) or the 2000s (Champ Bailey). Talking of and tie law). He really needed to get admission last year, because this year, he will likely be out of the fray with the presence of Charles Woodson, who included the first ballot.


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