“Promises more resources on school, social and personal”

More resources to be spent on school, social and personal, focusing on developing the administrative capability of the Capitoline machine, based on significant shares of municipal public investment during 2022. These key points emerged in yesterday’s meeting between Councilor Silvia Scosze for the budget, Albino Ruberti, the head of the cabinet, and representatives of the CGIL of Rome and Lazio, Sisal Roma Capital Rieti and Uil Lazio. A table long requested by activist representatives, satisfied with all that emerged in the intentions of the new council. “The appointment was requested by us in recent days. The Municipality of Rome responded quickly, marking a clear and positive change with the past,” they write in a note.

budget meeting

The subject of the meeting is the budget on which the public is preparing to vote. “The need for another meeting arose before the start of the discussion on the definitive method, the purpose of which is to evaluate the proposals which we would jointly pursue after analyzing the text and therefore a discussion at the same time as the conclusion of the financial statements. Even after the opening of. Table. Comparison on the next DUP and on the fiscal policies of the Municipality of Rome “Still tell the unions.

“We brought to the attention of the Councilor and the Head of the Cabinet that the need for budget and tax policies to be an integral part of the Agreement on Labor and Sustainable Development was announced several times by Mayor Roberto Gualtieri to correct the distortions of families. To plan interventions and actions on income from work and pensions and to reduce tax and tariff evasion from municipal rates to improve the purchasing power of several hundred million euros”.

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Then the proposal: “At the end of the meeting it was agreed on the need to develop an analysis on the employment, economic and social system of Rome from the first days of the new year, and on fundamental initiatives to counter the dynamic inequalities, which they see as social rights.” and hinder the cohesive development of the city.We also agreed on the need to focus on the future of the subsidiaries of the Municipality of Rome, as well as in light of the new needs and demands created by the citizens during the pandemic. last two years”.

Former M5s junta . concerned with

The relationship of trade union forces with the ray junta is not always linear. Only the personnel councilor Antonio de Santis was promoted with full marks, having won the confidence of the municipal staff representatives in years of negotiations and successes. From two decentralized contracts signed in 2017 and 2019 to the release of the “22 Processes” contest, which saw the entry of approximately 2000 new employees. On the other hand, conflicts were certainly heated concerning workers of the subsidiaries Ataq and Ama, issues about which unions have often complained to Raggi, and a rare propensity for negotiation with company management.


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