“Proposal for Sport IUS Soli is almost ready”

number one in italian sport, Giovanni Malagat the press conference at the end of reached held in national Perugia Spoke to journalists on many topics. Here are his words on the upcoming Sporting iOS Soli offer: “We will submit a proposal soon. I am only talking about sports, I don’t want to know anything about politics. Given the problem of demographic decline, we need new forces that can be quickly enlisted for the Italian game. It is our initiative which is supported by many federations who are in dire straits and risk losing their athletes to other countries, after they have been trained and grown for years. We hope that this legislature, of which we know very well at the time, will be able to bring this measure to the checkers“Later questioned about the disappointing performance of the Italian national football team last evening Germany, Commented: “The result speaks for itself and is overwhelming. I didn’t watch the game, but I think we’re back down to earth: when you experiment and include a lot of rookies, when you play a lot of young players, especially against a national team like Germany, you get Don’t lose like this.,

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