Provided government advisor, Corao: “Political forces that defame you both say ‘yes sir’ to their apostles”

Provided government advisor, Corao:

«Who knows what satisfaction is in store for this woman! He was appointed adviser to the Prime Minister in a government supported by the forces that most discredited him in every section of Italy, swearing that he would end that political era forever ».

MEP Ignazio Corrao commented on the appointment of former Labor Minister Elsa Fornero, who will join the Draghi government’s task force to deal with pensions.

“Now, though they are still the majority, in great silence, with their legs between their legs and their tails between their heads, they both say “yes sir” to their apostle, while who knows, they will ask their fans to cast their vote. What will you say for “, Corao wrote again..

He concluded, “Is the country Italy, a country that runs on an automatic pilot and where elections are held to throw a little smoke in the eyes of the citizens.”

“To accomplish this absurd and unattainable task, a prestigious appointment as President of the Republic is missing for Angelino Alfano and Berlusconi,” Corrao wrote in a comment to his post.

With the return of “technicians” to Palazzo Chigi, former Labor Minister Elsa Fornero also sees herself.

The Department for Planning and Coordination of Economic Policy, as delegated by Mario Draghi, has established a Governing Council for programmatic activity in the area of ​​economic policy coordination. DIEP is the support structure for the Prime Minister in matters of coordination of economic policy and planning of public investment of national interest, as well as policies aimed at the economic development of regions and urban areas.

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The press release published on the DIPE website stated that “Based on the delegation received from President Mario Draghi, the Under Secretary to the Prime Minister, Bruno Tabacchi, proceeded to establish a Governing Council, which would have functions, free of charge. DIPE To orient, strengthen and efficient programmatic activity on the subject of economic policy coordination in

“This body – it continues to be – will be headed by Tabacchi himself, in coordination with the head of the DIPE, Professor Marco Leonardi”. “That’s why they were nominated and they are part of: Antonio Calabra, Patrizia de Luis, Giuseppe de Rita, Elsa Fornero, Giuseppe Guzzetti, Alessandra Lanza, Mauro Magatti, Alessandro Palanza, Alessandro Pazno, Monica Parrella, Paola Profetta, Silvia Scozze , Alessandra Cervidori, Anna Maria Tarantola, Mauro Zampini”.

The League questioned the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Andrea Orlando, explaining that “undoubtedly the choice of Elsa Fornero – to Carrocchio – is synonymous with peace and tranquility in relation to possible interference in pension matters, in light of the next also the end of the quota 100 test”.


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