Qatar 2022, Wales and No More Wales: It will change its name to Cymru after the World Cup

Qatar 2022, Wales and No More Wales: It will change its name to Cymru after the World Cup

There my father’s land ,Chickens from Nhadau): title of the national anthem of wales It already says everything about a nation and a people with an ancient and mysterious past. a nation called fatherland wales or not walesBut Cymru (Pronounced “Kamari” and not “Cimru”, as the Italian would dictate). and then what world cup in qatar The National Football Federation may decide to change its name for sure. Actually from Wales to Cymru.

Not just football: the Cymru brothers (this time performing our anthem) also see and imagine the world differently. between home nation (The Four Nations of the United Kingdom) are perhaps the least well known, but in terms of pride they are second to none. and if there is a sporting occasion involving the playing of the national anthem or Patriotic Chant “Yum O Hyde” (“still here”), that is rugby either soccerBe it a friendly or a World Cup match, they don’t sing, but shout their glory. red like his shirt and his eyes To the thunderous sound of their notes. As evident in his debut match in Qatar against the United States,

Cymru, the name (and destiny) of a people.

“We think 2023 could be a good year”Football Association of Wales director general announced noel mooney in the last weeks. “Home is the word we use. that’s how we feel, is another attempt to be made internationally, but Rebirth of our language and our cultural identity is for all to see”. Cymru has already been used regularly in official communications of the Union for many years, both internally and externally. And also in other so-called official areas: the Welsh Division of the BBC, for example For, the BBC called Cymru Wales, not only a name, but a powerful cultural and political message Who wants to expand on all frequencies of the globe.

Experts believe that Cymru comes from ancient times. Celtic word “combrose”translatable with “compatriots”in a language that was probably mythical King Arthur, Another piece of this semantics of sentiment that enhances the association and people-to-people ties, forged in an unforgettable way in the times of The struggle between the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons for control of the island of Great Britain, In the unofficial hymn cited above for “Yum o Hyde”, For the first time after Christ is mentioned in 383The year in which the Romans of Magnus Maximus (General of the Empire, also mentioned) left the western lands of Britain “to hand over to us a whole nation”. In short, don’t forget the dragons,

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Lal Gaurav

Chants like Simru naming “Yama or Hyda” “are full of meaning for us,” he explained. Whistle Robert Page with acquired qualifications. More than a shirt and a handful of notes: a testimony. Absolutely Ceremony to qualify for Qatar 2022it looks like A living legend like Gareth Bale improvises a duet with an elderly gentleman, about this dafydd evan79-year-old author of nationalist song and president of plaid cymru As of 2010, main welsh independence party, Because politics, values ​​and sport go hand in hand in the land of Wales.

The language issue in Wales reflects this reality. in 1981When “Yam o Hyde” was composed, there were about half a million Welsh speakers at home: 19% of the total, the lowest figure ever recorded. However, things were about to change. nationalist revivalalso registered in Scotland In the same year, led Welsh Language Act 1993 and the introduction of a bilingual system and, ten years later, the recognition of Welsh as an official language Legally, Today, this thousand-year-old language is spoken by about one million people, 30% Welsh.

The question of name change is also not secondary for other reasons. According to Collins Dictionary, the word “wells” indicates, in the plural, “whip marks on the skin”, Another reason not to represent that word as a country. Not only: “That W puts us at the bottom of UEFA’s alphabetical list in draws and assemblies”Mooney explains. “By now we are used to sitting next to our ukrainian friendsBut we want to get closer to the Czech and Croatian people”.

The Celtic past and present of Wales are therefore in search of true international recognition for football and its Second ever participation in the World Cup since 1958, Simru of that timeex juventus john charles was the hero of an absurd and formidable journey that was interrupted only in the quarter-finals, against an unknown 17-year-old Brazilian future world champion Ginga who played at a pace like no one before and after him: Pele,

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20220611_Wales_Players_Nations League vs Belgium

Wales at the 1958 World Cup

Thanks to the new generation of good players and some stars Aaron Ramsey And Daniel James and the brightest Gareth BaleIn recent years the Welsh national team has achieved the best results in its long history. A story that began in 1876the year he founded 3rd oldest football association in the world English and Scottish after those “sisters”. Beyond memory, which also holds its own weight, Wales’ first ball cross worthy of the name by qualifying for the 1958 World Championship.

In Sweden, however, Wells gets there in an absurd way., That’s why, e.g. Denmark at the 1992 European Championships, Despite having a lot of football players in the team, he didn’t even have to get there. Boxer center forward, and starting with the glory of Juventus, john charles Former Tottenham striker (with whom he won the Premier League in ’61) cliff jonesgoing through various Jack Kelsey, Ivor Allchurch and Terry Medwinauthor of the latter part of the decisive goal in 2-1 against Hungary in the round of 16,

dragiau (“dragon” in Welsh Gaelic) He closed the preliminary round in second place.Back Czechoslovakia, The World Cup would have been watched from the sofa at home, if it had not erupted in the Middle East Suez Crisis, L’Egypt And this Sudan refused to play the qualifying match against israeldespite the efforts of FIFA To ensure performance on neutral ground. The 20th century was also the century of football for them Episodes that we see appear “over the edge” to the eyes of contemporary viewers: Israelis find themselves one step away from Sweden ’58 table winBut the authorities also decided that it would it’s all too easy, without playing even a minute. Qualification for the World Cup would be decided with a play-off against “our” Wales, who had won both the first leg and the second leg 2–0.

In Sweden, Wales were placed in Group C with the hosts, Hungary and Mexico. And reversed all predictions, even managing to go as far as seconds. In the quarter-finals, however, there was really nothing to do against that Brazilian. If you add to that the absence of John Charles, it seems almost a miracle. The Brazilians only won the match 1–0., A goal that made history though, because it was scored by a 17-year-old boy Pele on his first mark with the green and gold jacket,

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Wales Ukraine Davis Yarmolenko

The Golden Years: 2016 to 2022

For half centuryIn 2006, Wales did not score the same number of goals again, normally returning to play Home Nations and poor ties to European national teams. until Welsh Renaissance Above all former Tottenham and Real Madrid, signed by the new generation of champions Gareth Bale, the all-time top scorer for his national team with 41 goals and also the record holder for appearances,

The former full-back striker has been one of the driving forces in the last six years with goals and plays in all three international competitions that have seen the Wales hero. in 2016 and 2020when simru caught European Championship finals – a result that has never been achieved before – and to qualify for the World Cup for the second time in its history in 2022, Defeated Ukraine in the decider and broke Qatar’s lead. Wales in 2016 was ousted in the semi-finals by Portugalwho won the tournament, while four years later the team was eliminated in the round of 16 After meeting Italy in the group stage (who later became the champion of Europe).

Now proud in Qatar Cymru is ready to shout to the world how proud her father’s land is, with the Welsh folk chant “Yam o Hyde” shouted at the top of their lungs: “We’re still here, We’re still here, in spite of everything and everyoneIn spite of everything and everyone, in spite of everything and everyone”. And before every game the stadium chants accompany the national anthem. “Motherland, motherland, I am loyal to my motherland! Till the sea forms a wall for our dear and holy country. Long live the old language! We’ll be here till the end of time and the Welsh language will live on“. Signed: Simru.


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