Qatar 2022: Which Asian national team might surprise you?

Qatar 2022: Which Asian national team might surprise you?

This difficult year, controversial but certainly to remain in history, has various characters: one is Qatar, for many reasons, from the desire of the Emirate’s sovereign dynasty to usher in a new era of public relations with the developed world. . East. compared to the West.

This will probably be the project”world cup 2022“To travel parallel to the initiatives taken by other dynasties of the region embarked on the same objectives of development and political confirmation.

Definitely Football is one of the strategic goals identified by the Qatari dynasty.who has already shown very familiar historical family of Italian football; But the road to building a growth spurt for Asian football is certainly more ambitious.

The event is appropriate for the “mission”, but it is necessary to analyze the real state of Asian football in order to orient the football world on the right approach, to be conditional, reserved for the largest and most populous continent in the world.

Certainly compared to national teams already titled to excite many experts in numbers and statistics, who are extremely committed to understanding their chances of winning the World Cup, Asian football is unknown but without potential surprises. Not there.

Unfortunately the numbers do not guarantee a comprehensive comparison: Asia will have 4 teams reserved, one of which is Qatar, which has qualified from the World Cup headquarters; The other 3 teams are still being defined as the qualifying tournament is still in progress.

Now, taking into account that the World Cup will host a total of 32 teams, we are well aware of the role of Asia which will be competing with a meager number of eligible teams.

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Yet there are potential surprises in the field of challenges, at least for historical titles.

For example, Qatar won the last edition of the 2019 Asian Cup 3-1 over Japan, the favorites on paper, at least in the context of the historical comparison between the Japanese medal table and the Arab team’s awards. The last.

There’s no shortage of names that can be shocking: First and foremostIran As a group and locker room solidity and therefore as a potential first enemy for Asians and other competitors: they are showing off in European references to their players such as Ali Gholizdeh (Charleroi) and Majid Hosseini (defender at Cassarispore). . ,

The role of other emerging players in the context of football in Europe should also not be overlooked, but from Japan and South Korea, as possible driving forces of the respective national teams: we about Kygo Furuhashi (active in the Scottish Celtic League) are talking. ) for the Japanese team. , as well as compatriots Takehiro Toyasu (Arsenal card) and Song Hyun Min (active at Tottenham Hotspurs) for the Korean team.

Both Japan and South Korea have always made their mark in international competitions, so we expect a lot from them as well.

In all respects, these World Championships will be “new” from many perspectives, including expectations, but in the meantime we can spend time virtual bets On fake football events.


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