Queen Elizabeth, her choice to die at Balmoral. Political Background – Time

 Queen Elizabeth, her choice to die at Balmoral.  Political Background - Time

Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle, the private residence of the British royal family in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, which was loved by the sovereign. She was recently due to return to London, but health problems kept her in check until she died at the age of 96 due to a rapid deterioration in her condition. But according to some royal experts, dying in Scotland would have been “a decision taken by the sovereign himself for a very specific reason”, he points out. free,

Queen Elizabeth's coffin arrives in Edinburgh

The reason is in front of everyone. As can be seen from the images broadcast on TV, the funeral procession with which the sovereign’s coffin is traveling through Edinburgh to Westminster is followed by a crowd of people rushing to bid him a final farewell. Well, the Queen may have chosen Scotland as a place to die as a “political” gesture, given the air of autonomy and isolation that permeates it (in the 2014 referendum, 44% of the population voted for independence). voted for).

To whom will the body of the Queen's dog, Elizabeth, go?

And at times thousands took to the streets to say goodbye to the Queen, dear to these areas, where she also often visited shops and public places that were virtually forbidden to her in London. However, observers fear that the Scots’ love – of a part of them – is only for Elizabeth, not the entire royal family. The way of the procession, moreover, which Elizabeth II must have studied to the smallest detail before she died. In fact, in the middle of the stop is even Crathy Kirk, the church she used to go to every Sunday.

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