Queen Elizabeth II met with five pops

Queen Elizabeth II. traf mit fünf Päpsten zusammen

Encounter at eye level

Queen Elizabeth II is considered one of the last Christian kings in the Vatican. She is the only English queen who went to Rome for audiences and received pop in her country. She will turn 95 on Wednesday.

By Christian Lodges (KNA) | Bon – 20.04.2021

Queen Essentially everyone knows who was important or important at the political level. Meanwhile, the 15th Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has a weekly audience; Winston Churchill was the first. Joe Biden is the fourteenth US President in his reign. At the singular level it is no different: with the exception of Paul VI. (1943-1919) and John Paul I (196363) He met with all the Pope in Rome or England.

As heir to the throne, she traveled to Italy with her now deceased husband, where she met Pope Pius XII. (1939–1958) as a private audience on April 13, 1951. Elizabeth and Philip were offered a tour of the Apostolic Palace, then bid farewell to the priests and seminarians of the English Catholic Institutions along with Triple Cathal-Hipp-Hurray. He received some criticism when he went on a state visit to the Pope at home in England. For Elizabeth, it was the first time she faced criticism, especially in the press – and, as she was sad to learn, it was not final.

Ten years later, when she came back to Italy, things had changed radically. The princess had become queen; The Pope was now John XXIII. (1958–1963), and another Vatican Council was round the corner. On 5 May 1961 Queen Traveled to another state in the Vatican. About 600 priests, seminarians and religious women from the Commonwealth came to celebrate. The Vatican band played the English national anthem. Queen Spoken to the Pope in French, a language in which he is fluent. Near the end of the half-an-hour conversation, a visually well-off John XXIII declared that the relationship between England and the Vatican had never been more cordial.

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Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II during their visit to the Vatican by the Queen in October 1980.

Then 20 years passed until the next trip Queen In the Vatican. Now John Paul II ascended the papal throne. On 17 October 1980, the Queen of England came to the Pope from Poland. One of these topics was the Pope’s visit to England, 1982 plan. To commemorate her first meeting at the Vatican with John Paul II, Elizabeth II returned to Rome on 17 October in the Holy Year 2000, 20 years later. A badly ill, ill John Paul II had his hands Queen.

Last trip in 2014

In early April 2014, A. Queen One last time in the Vatican. Elizabeth II, who was also the head of the Anglican State Church, accompanied her husband Prince Philip. After a 20-minute conversation, gifts were exchanged. For Prince George, great-grandchildren of that time were not yet one year old Queen, Francis gave his visitors a small orb of sorts, a lapis lazuli ball with a cross on it. Given the fact that Prince George will one day be king, not a bad choice.

He himself hosted the Pope twice. In 1982, John Paul II became the first Roman pontiff to pay a pastoral visit to the United Kingdom. When his successor Benedict sixteenth. (2005–2013) came to UK in September 2010, received Queen At Holyrodhouse, his Scottish residence in Edinburgh.

All of Queen Happened amicably on the basis of mutual respect with Popes. Elizabeth II is not only the head of the Anglican State Church – a task she takes seriously. She expresses her faith and draws her strength from it. So she went to meetings with the platform on a similar footing.

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By Christian Lodges (KNA)


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