Quirinale, politics seeks its savior in the President of the Republic

Quirinale, politics seeks its savior in the President of the Republic

What is all this worrying about the next president of the republic? It has been discussed continuously for months. Voting takes place in mid-January, but the topic has been powerful since the summer. What this continuous almanac tells us about the fate of Mario Draghi (“Better if he lives in Palazzo Chigi. “No, it’s more useful on the hill”) and about Sergio Mattarella (“Stay?”). Where Takes us to the palace of ideas that flourish unfailingly every day. Is this really the most important election ever? Maybe yes.

The appointment was called “a systemic crisis” by former socialist minister Rino Formica. The heart of the republic has never been so weak. The main engine (government, parties, parliament) is jammed. Fate is often decided elsewhere. Politics has lost its importance. It is no longer conclusive. It follows the mood. In February he had to rely on an outsider, a technician.

Parliament does not reflect the mood of the 2018 elections. The relative majority group, the M5S, shadows the movement – both in numbers and in its policies – reaching 32 percent. The strength of the four parties in the country is equal: Pd, M5S, Lega, Fratelli d’Italia. And they are divided, especially Cinquestel. No one is really strong. And not even the owners of the past. In 1985 the Secretaries of the DC and the PCI, respectively, Seriaco de Mita and Alessandro Natta, agreed to Francesco Cosiga, who was elected in the first vote. Do Letta or Bettini count more in the Democratic Party today? In the M5S Conte or Di Maio? Does the league answer to Salvini or Giorgeti? Everyone plays their game.

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Draghi-Mattarella guarantees a balance that will not be broken. There is a great fear of what will happen next. It’s a leap in the dark. The election will affect the future of the government and hence the legislature. And there are billions of European funds to manage. This time around, the vote could tangibly change the fate of each of the 1008 great voters. And no one has a trump card in the Parliament of Stray Dogs. There are 113 in the mixed grouping of the House and Senate, of which more than forty do not belong to any group. They will weigh Except no one knows how.

Quirinale had always been the “second engine” to use an image by Marco Folini. His powers have not changed, quite the opposite. So why is this vote viewed as a grand finale that can’t go wrong? One reason includes others: Now that the first engine has broken down, its actors look to the hill in the hope that it will be able to cover their emptiness. In the vast confusion surrounding it, the Palace relies on a saving, appropriating, thaumaturgical president. De Gaulle was inaugurated by Giorgeti. Forza Italia dreamed up Berlusconi. Strong man Quirinale in the form of a rescue donut. There is a possibility of a big mistake.


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