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The comedy Morto Stalin, if it makes another (2017) by Scottish director Armando Amaducci is available for free streaming on the Rai Play site

Available in free streaming at Play opinion Satirical comedy Dead Stalin, He Makes Another (2017) By Scottish director Armando Amaduchi With the hero Steve buscemi.

Plot of Dead Stalin, if another one is made

28 February, 1953 Joseph Stalin While preparing a punitive campaign against alleged political conspirators, the brain suddenly falls to the ground seized by the bleeding, but will die only two days later.

Following this unexpected death, his close aides and ministers will join a real battle to grab the Georgian dictator’s place.

Lentiz Berea (Simon Russell Beale), The head of the secret police, will take the opportunity to destroy some burning documents and hand over the command of the Soviet Union Malenkov (Jeffrey Tambor)The leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, then commands him like a puppet.

Nikita Krusev (Steve Bushsey) With the complexity of normal Zukov (Jason Issac) Will try to capture power by putting both Berea Happen Malenkov Accused him of high treason.

Film cast

Actor Steve Bussamy, in the role of future Soviet leader Nikita Krusev, who saw him playing cynical and deranged roles in roles after a career as a character actor, rose to fame with the role of Mr. Pink in Le Ine (1991). By Quentin Tarantino.

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Jeffrey Tambor, an interpreter of political puppet Melenkov, is best known for his role in the TV series Transparent (Prime Video, 2014-2017), for which he would win the Golden Globe in the category of Best Actor in a Comedy or Music Series.

General Zukov is played by British actor Jason Issac, who made a breakthrough in the science fiction cult Armageddon – The Final Judgment (Michael Bay, 1998) after making a career on the small screen. She later starred alongside Mel Gibson in the historical film The Patriot (Ronald Emerich, 2000) and the classic romantic comedy Sweet November (Pat O’Connor, 2001) alongside Charlize Theron and Keane Reeves.

Dead Stalin Review, One and One is created

Armando Amaduchi Comedy novels suitable for the big screen Death of stalin Of Fabian Noori I Thirin Robin A violent satire against the hypocrisy of USSR bureaucrats, feasting on Stalin’s remains, was seen as a crisis created by the vacuum of power and the resulting struggle to achieve it.

A film full of gags that is not afraid to make fun of the atrocities committed by the Stalin regime, staging some great dialogues with good actors, Bassemi and Oscar Issac all along, for their usual irony and fun mimicry Thanks too

A work that entertains and entertains, but which is often forgotten to deepen certain historical and social dynamics after the dictator’s death. We regret that the de-Stalinization process implemented by Khrushchev could not be monitored more closely and these actions resulted in communist parties all over the world.

Despite this, it is still an enjoyable comedy that you can easily enjoy on the Rai Play site through simple registration.

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