Ramsey on the bench for 120 minutes: Rangers win Scottish Cup

Ramsey on the bench for 120 minutes: Rangers win Scottish Cup

Success in the final, without Ramsey: this time, seeing two extra goals at the start, the Welshman remained on the bench. Thus ends the Scottish era.

The Scottish Cup Certainly Won’t Be the Europa League, But ranger people However, they avoid losing two finals in four days. After extra time, Van Bronkhorst’s side won the Scottish Cup against Harts, who failed to recover from a physically and mentally exhausted club after the Seville match.

At Hampden Park, Rangers take home the cup with thanks jack before and Right Then, in minutes 94 and 97, respectively, of the first additional period. Fears of a new knockout raged throughout the match, but after a whistle that cleared the end of regular time, the Glasgow team returned to the ground to avoid defeat.

A match in which various Areibo and Tavernier resumes, while former Atalanta on loan from Manchester United, Diallo was also given a chance. It is difficult to confirm, given the disappointment of recent months, which also came in the final against Hearts, though won.

He didn’t play a minute instead, Aaron Ramsey, The Welsh midfielder, who was the only player to miss a penalty in the eleven-meter lottery against Eintracht, remained on the bench for the entire duration of the match: this time without entering the field for a possible penalty, as happened in the final in Seville.

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Eventually, a couple goals at the start of extra time quickly averted another extension for a new series of penalties, with goals from Jack and Wright enough for the 34th Gers title.

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Thus ends Ramsey’s season on loan from Juventus, in which he will return from July. It is not yet clear what the fate of the Welsh midfielder will be, with Allegri being sent to Scotland on a temporary basis due to zero chances. A major role at Juventus is unlikely in 2022/2023.

Ramsey played 13 games, finishing his era at Rangers with 9 starters, 2 goals and 2 assists. On seven occasions, including the final against the Hearts, he did not take the field after seeing his teammates off the bench. The Scottish Cup enriches their moments, but the disappointment of 2022 will remain so.


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