Rangers, Europa League finalists: Football is religion

Rangers, Europa League finalists: Football is religion

Rangers Napoli Rivals That Istanbul Urn Ejected From Fourth Pot For Champions League Group Stage

When it comes to ranger peopleone cannot fail to mention Celtic, There is no good without evil, there is no white without black. And then: Federer and Nadal, Tom and Jerry, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Among the Antipodes is philosophy, in Scotland there is football, and precisely in Glasgow, religion. Protestantism for the Rangers, Catholicism for the Celtics. Football is politics in Glasgow. Federalism for the Rangers, Freedom for the Celtic. For this rivalry,old firmComing from religious and political background, it has sometimes led to deadly clashes between the two supporters.

Speaking of today, and skipping the story – even if a recap is due -, Naples will face the finalists of the final europa league, A bad final, to be honest, lost on penalties only to the fault of Aaron Ramsey, then immediately made a return to Juventus. they play well gersotrained by van bronkhorst who had always faced Napoli with Feyenoord in the Champions League a few seasons ago.

Rangers, from stadium to star

ibrox It’s a hot environment, it needs no introduction. The seats are 50 thousand, all are close to the ground in such a way that the views of the players can be heard. An absolute, lucrative spectacle for the club, taking home 55 Scottish titles, 34 Cups, 27 League Cups and above all 1 Cup Winners’ Cup when they defeated Fiorentina in the final in the early 1970s. two stars, morelos And cantoThey: 4-3-3. speed up offensive maneuvers in van bronkorst,

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only in 2012 ranger people He took the papers to court, he went bankrupt. After ten years he is in the group stage of Champions League Having won a double clash first with Union Saint-Guillois and then PSV. A beautiful story for one of the two most important clubs Scotland,


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