Rangers from Glasgow Hell to Heaven: After Failure, Protestant Scudetto is one step away from the bench with Gerrard

Rangers from Glasgow Hell to Heaven: After Failure, Protestant Scudetto is one step away from the bench with Gerrard

Twenty wins And two draws. Scored seventy-five goals and won five. Nineteen points of Advantage (With three more games) on Celtic Glasgow Second in the standings. These are Glasgow Rangers numbers. A void with which Glasgow Protestants have beaten historians Their rival Catholic First in celtic Old firm of 2021 – Thanks to his goal midfielder McGregor – Places, in fact, only between mathematics The gers And his 55th Scottish title. Day of the bus 50th anniversary From the tragedy ofIbrox, When 66 fans lost their lives during the Old Firm on 2 January 1971 National supremacy The Rangers had to rely on an English manager for their first experience on the bench, but with a great Talent And, above all, very clear idea: Steven Gerrard. Reached amid general skepticism of a class in May 2018 that read the operation as one Trick MediaThe former Liverpool captain proved to be of added value. A man able to pinpoint the path to return to the most feared and winning team Scotland. A role that the Rangers had until 2012. Before the darkest moment of nearly 150 years of history.

This is 2012 when the Glasgow Rangers are declared Losers. The last championship was just over a year ago and Scotland’s most successful team yet is forced to resume Fourth Serie Scottish, Scottish League Two. In an instant, one of the most prestigious clubs in European football has fallen under the debt load One hundred million euro. The climb starts immediately. In the following two seasons Rangers In both Scottish League Two and Scottish League One respectively, with 83 and 102 points. After landing in Scottish Championship (Scottish Serie B) All are expected to jump to a third consecutive category. And instead the Rangers finish the championship in third place and lose the playoff final against him Motherwell. The bitterness is great but the return to the top flight is only postponed for a year. 2015/16 season is good. Eighty points and first place in the standings. Rangers are in after just four years Scottish Premier League. Two factors contribute to making the vintage even more exciting. The first is that they have become the only team in Scottish football history to have won all four The competitions Professional. Second came from semifinal Scottish The cup. The Rangers win the Old Firm on penalties. Since Failure This is the first time this has happened.

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Completed in 2016/17 Scotland Is set to return to live a duel between two teams Glasgow But the reality immediately looks very different. The difference between Protestant blues and Catholic whites is still great. The newly promoted Rangers close third, 33 points away. Next year i Delay points There are fewer, but the situation does not change: third -13 from top. In between these two crimes, the team also reappears field European, in Europe The union. But the adventure ends immediately. Out in the first preliminary round against Luxembourg wrong Niedercorn. It is at this point that the company decides to venture. Steven Gerrard is called Glasgow. He stopped playing for just one year and his coaching resume has only a few benches with young teams Liverpool: “Experience – He announced during the conference Submission – It is not a problem for me, maybe it is for others. I only know one way to gain experience: believe in yourself and accept the challenges ”.

From the boss Dave King He was assigned to a medium-long-term technical project with very specific objectives: to reduce differences from Celtic rivals, to qualify for Europa league And bring the Rangers back on the European football map. The challenge is an important one. Especially for those who have created yearning and yearning in the middle of the field The competition His reference point in a career of 20 years. Doubt supporters are many The gers But there is also great curiosity. On 12 July 2018 in Ibrox, for the first leg of the first round Europe The union, There are about 50 thousand people who came to congratulate the new technician. Rangers won 2 to 0 against MacedonianFK Skopje. The return ends instead of 0 to 0.. This is the first phase of the new page of history. After this, Gerrard’s team eliminated the CroatianOsijek (0–1 and 1–1), Slovenian Maribor (3-1 and 0-0) and the RussianFC Ufa (1–0 and 1–1). Three months after his arrival, the first goal was achieved.

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The Rangers are in the Europa League groups. in The championship Instead things are more complicated. Second place comes but the gap from Celtic is still wide, eleven points. A difference that does not diminish even next year with Team A. Thirteen digits From the top when the championship is stopped due to Kovid-19. While the situation in Scotland remains almost unchanged, in the 2019/20 season Rangers have to go beyond group stage, Until the second round of the Europa League. after me preliminary round Easily overcome against St. Joseph, Niedercorn, Midtjylland and Legia Warsaw, Gerrard Manages to take his men to second place in a group that ten years ago we could see in the Champions League: Porto, Feyenoord E Young The boys. Adventure ends against Bayer Leverkusen, After cleaning up a tough team like him Sporting Braga On the sixteenth. Now the Rangers are missing the final stage, the toughest one: taking back the throne Scotland.

It is inevitable that Gerard and his people started weather On. The pressure and expectations of eve are not weighing in. Glasgow Rangers are one of the biggest teams in the hands Scary We are not just talking about the national context of the continent. Path in Europa league This is still true. First place In front of their group Benfica, Scored fourteen points and defeated zero. Will be at sixteenthAntwerp. The possibility of repeating the round of 16 a year ago is far from impossible. With Gerrard, the Rangers have become a team aware of their tools from the big guys Physical skills With powerful central and active full back. A 4-3-3 where the team’s symbol is the captain James tavernier. He is not just a full back, he is too much. So far he has scored 17 goals and provided 14 assists in all. Competitions. Alfredo Morelos Instead it is the final. The striker 24 years old with good technique, a year ago he scored 29 goals this season. Self Germain Defoe With his 38 years of experience, he thinks of Kalpana Ianis Hugi. He is the son of the great Gorghe Hagi, he is 22 years old and he exploded with Gerrard. Outright purchase since June FiorentinaCombines speed and excellent technology. He is the man of the last way, as testifies dieci aid Reports so far (four networks instead). This is the backbone with which Steven Gerrard Is taking the last step. Celtic’s nine-season dominance is nearing its end. Glasgow Rangers are back.

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