Rangers once again the new work of Scottish champion, Steve Gerrard

Rangers di nuovo campioni di Scozia, il nuovo capolavoro di Steve Gerrard

Brussels – Ranger people ten years after. The Glasgow team returned to claim the title of Scottish Champion, at the end of a ride in the history of national football that closed the club’s most complex period. The title, which was won mathematically with a win against Saint Mirren, is a failure and resumed the club’s resumption from the fourth series.

After bankruptcy in June 2012, the company was lifted from the financial crisis by disappearing from the roof of Scottish football. The Rangers have failed to become champions. It took exactly ten years to resume where everything had stalled and returned to fix the law on the playground. Two years in the wake of the Celtic rivals and then the title on the third attempt. A game of masterpiece Steven Gerrard, A symbol of Liverpool which is now a symbol of Glasgow’s Protestant football faith.

After hanging up his boots, Gerrard was called by the new club to lead the team to a comeback. A gamble for many, given the Liverpool inexperience’s complete inexperience as a manager. He made himself available to the club, in silence, he developed the team. Second of the first year, the Belgaum distance from Celtic, against which he manages to win after 15 matches, head of the city’s Catholic soul. The second year, but with a small lag and enforcing city domination on two occasions. Then the winning ride of the season is not over yet: 28 wins, 4 draws, 0 defeats and just nine goals in 32 matches played. Not to mention that the Rangers are running for the Europa League.

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It took time Keeping the team as it is with this quality ”, acknowledges a satisfied Gerrard. β€œIn the first year and in the second year we have sometimes been very much dependent on certain individuals. Today i think The star of the team is the team. Everyone plays together. There is a great soul in the group ”.

The result prompted fans to violate the adversaryKovid Gathering in front of the Eyebrows Stadium and celebrating outside which is considered by many to be perhaps the most important title. It is the first post-bankruptcy title. It is the title that prevented Celtic from setting a record of ten consecutive contests, a title that lets everyone know that the gentlemen from the Scottish Premierlegue are back.

In an attempt to disperse the mob, the police first had to intervene, then the Scottish Minister first, Nikola Sturgeon, To blur what happened. He congratulated the Rangers for the victory, inviting common sense. “I congratulate Rangers Football Club for winning the title and understand that this is a time for fans. but Being crowded right now is risky and can delay the exit from the blockade for everyone else ”.

But the hottest fan crowd continued the party, and it will continue. The next championship match includes the Glasgow Derby. Meeting behind closed doors, but a great opportunity for most die-hard fans to publicly announce the new opportunity.

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But it is not just celebrated on the streets of Glasgow. The English press does not remain indifferent to the feats of Gerrard, who is already indicated as the future manager of Liverpool, in which he is a symbol.

The surviving Liverpool legend with no previous experience on the bench wins the 55th title after three years of development. Fans on the streets, anger of Prime Minister Sturgeon: “a risk for all”

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