Rangers snatch defender Braden Snyder after trading NHL draft

Rangers snatch defender Braden Snyder after trading NHL draft

The Rangers did the expected sprinkling Selection of Alexis Lafranier with No. 1 pick Tuesday in the 2020 NHL Draft, but it wasn’t his only big move in the first round.

Fearing the Devils would take defender Braden Schneider, the Rangers struck a deal with the Calgary Flames to jump New Kersey and the 19th pick with the 19-year-old, Larry Brooks of the Post reported.

The Rangers deal for the 22nd and 72nd overall picks for the 6-foot-2 Snyder, who plays an aggressive style and is not afraid to get involved aggressively.

“It shows that I have left a good impression on them and they think I am a person who can come to their organization and help,” Snyder said of the Rangers’ trade to pick them up. “I will do my best every day for them and they got my best. I’m excited and waiting for the pressure.”

Brendan started the breakout year with the White Kings at SNDNHL and has collected 42 points (seven goals, 35 assists) in 60 games.

He said, ‘The way I describe myself, I’m a bipartisan physical defender who takes a lot of pride in being my own end and a tough guy to play in front of your face.’ “Given a chance to get a good pass or jump into a game or get a shot on the net, I’m more than willing to take it.”

Schneider is also a strong skater and effective puck-handler.

Speaking of Lefrenier, the Rangers’ top pick said he is Excited playing At Madison Square Garden.

“Hi Rangers fans, I’m really excited to be part of the Rangers and to meet you,” LaFrener said moments after the composition. “I hope you have a great night and don’t wait to see you.”

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