“Raspadori The player who was missing from this Napoli. Quora? In Scotland he exaggerated but…”

Tiribocchi: Raspadori il giocatore che mancava a questo Napoli. Kvara? In Scozia ha esagerato ma...

Naples Football – Simone Tiribocchi spoke in February 90, broadcast on Vikonos Web Radio/TV:

“Milan-Napoli is a very important match, the season is directed properly for these kinds of challenges. Napoli is fine, in Glasgow also he ran in the beginning but then got hit, there was no story, for Milan Also they are the fittest team in Serie A.

The absence of Leo and Osimhen? The first will miss Rosoneri a lot, the Nigerian on the other hand strikes at depth and is very dangerous, so Osimhen will miss Naples as well, although Simeon and Raspadori have two very valid strikers. I love Cholito, I’m glad you play in a great team, he’s ranked a lot, he’s different from OC but he’s very strong, and Raspadori is the player that was missing from Napoli. Giacomo is the one he can play in many roles when you have to score, he knows how to do everything, he’s quick and quick, he plays in straits and he has a remarkable nose to score goals is also.

other people? Juve are in trouble, fragile, physically not on top, mentally strange to see them like this, in the first episode they go down; Inter as a squad, physically and technically they are the strongest, but they score a lot of goals, Milan and Napoli play very well.

On the other hand, when Spalletti arrived, a project was founded, Napoli is growing, an idea of ​​the game and even company policy is paying off. Quora? He has never had such a strong start in his life, the enthusiasm he feels drives him to do more, Luciano is the right coach to develop him, with Rangers he may have exaggerated a bit but it Characteristics of a positive attitude”.


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