Raspini: «We lost, it hurts. Now protest without exemption”

 Raspini: «We lost, it hurts.  Now protest without exemption
Francesco Raspini. Leave the lost candidates of the center

Frost for committee through Calderia when some sections reversed everything

Lakka Four minutes before midnight, a severe cold marched through the Calderia to the centre-left electoral committee, where the entire coalition was found in support of Francesco Raspini. By then there was moderate optimism: the ballots went head-to-head, but with a 200–230 vote advantage for Raspini. Then, all of a sudden, the Scottish Shower: two or three sections came together and completely reversed the result, and from that moment on the night took a completely different path. In the end, Francesco Raspini chose not to show up and, after following the ballot to a top secret location, commented with a post on Facebook: “In life – the defeated candidate for mayor wrote – winning is wonderful, but it is Losing is also important to know.. Even if it hurts. And we lost tonight. Since tonight Mario Pardini is the new mayor of Lucca: we congratulate him. I already called him personally to do this Tomorrow we will be in opposition: we will be responsible and present, we will be at the forefront of our city and not give up on the contrary. At the press conference, he would think “with a cold mind” on what happened. Several centre-left mayors of Piana and Cerchio Valley were present, as well as Cameo Marcelo Pierucci. The first citizens selected in the first round were also present. He was accompanied by City Council President Antonio Mazeo, Senator Andrea Marcucci and Regional Councilor Stefano Beccelli. Among those present was also the deputy mayor of Viareggio Walter Alberici. For Marcucci “It is a colossal defeat, the desire for change has prevailed not only in Lucca, but also in many Italian cities where the majority has been reversed. We will hold a constructive protest as in our tradition, but I am against this ruling class.” Very concerned for who will rule the city of Lucca and will go too far for this coalition ». Great concern on the part of regional councilor Mario Pappa as well; while Stefano Beccelli declared «To be honest I did not expect this epilogue An apparently centre-right coalition, which brought everyone together, worked. In recent years, Barsanti has launched a non-trivial political campaign, also changing his image and forgetting that he has described himself as “the neophyte of the third millennium”. -fascist”. did not bring in many votes, but in the context of the media it gave the impression of having coalition potential ». l © breeding reserve

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