Reasons for controversial apartment renovation: Johnson under pressure

Reasons for controversial apartment renovation: Johnson under pressure
Boris johnson

The British Prime Minister comes under domestic political pressure.

(Photo: AFP)

London Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under increasing pressure over the controversial renovation of his official residence on Downing Street in Britain. The Election Commission on Wednesday raised suspicion of one or more offenses responsible for reviewing the funding of the party and the election campaign.

Therefore, a formal investigation will be launched. Shortly thereafter, Johnson appointed Lord Christopher Geedat, former private secretary to Queen Elizabeth, as an advisor to a code of conduct for government officials.

According to media reports, Johnson is said to have redesigned the traditional seat of the British Prime Minister for around £ 200,000 (230,000 euros). However, the Prime Minister is only entitled to £ 30,000 a year from tax revenue to maintain his residence.

Cabinet members have assured that Johnson himself paid for the work. So far, however, it is unclear when he should have been paid and whether he has taken credit for it. Under British regulations, he should have reported such a loan.

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Last month, a spokesperson for Johnson’s Conservative Party assured that all donations, gifts and benefits were properly announced. No funds went into the renewal of donations to the conservative party.

The Election Commission now wants to investigate whether financial transactions for renewal fall within their responsibility and, if necessary, check whether these have been properly reported.

As per Johnson’s wish, the Code of Conduct advisor should also investigate the allegations. “The Prime Minister and Lord Geedt have agreed that Lord Geedt will investigate the facts surrounding the renovation of the Downing Street apartment,” the government said in a statement. He should advise the Prime Minister.

The added pressure comes from Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s most important adviser on Brexit, with whom the head of government is out. Cummings said last Friday that Johnson wanted the renovation to be paid in secret through donations. He explained to Johnson at the time that it was “immoral, unwise and possibly illegal”.

For Johnson, the Election Commission investigation comes at a bad time, as local elections are scheduled in England in a week’s time. In addition, the Scottish and Welsh regional parliaments will be re-elected.

more: According to the allegations leveled by an ex-confidant, the Prime Minister is in crisis due to the renovation of his official residence. The Labor Party asks him to explain.

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