Rector, it’s the day of truth at the last vote Spigarelli-McCourt – Chronicle

Rector, it's the day of truth at the last vote Spigarelli-McCourt - Chronicle

After a month of discussion and debate, partly public, partly in various departments, today is Truth Day, in which more than 500 members of the academic community will be convened to select a successor to Rector Francesco Adornetto. Two very different personalities on the field. On the one hand, Francesca Spigarelli, 50, director of the UNMC China Center for Self-Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer, Rector’s representative, for European Research Policy and, from 2021, for Research. Current positions include as an Italian reference on the appointment of the Ministry to the European Commission’s working groups in research on issues of human resources, mobility and participation. Recognized by many as a continuation of the current rectal line, however, Professor Spigerelli explained that she wanted to give it an even more European and international footprint for the university. On the other hand, John Francis McCourt, 57, is director of the Department of Humanities, president of the International James Joyce Foundation, and a member of the board of the International Yates Summer School. Before arriving at Macerata, he taught at the University of Roma Tre, where he was director of the Interdepartmental Research Center for Irish and Scottish Studies, and at the University of Trieste. Professor McCourt, on the other hand, presented himself as having “a real element of dissent”. Counting of votes will take place from 9.30 to 12.30 at the Panteleoni Center, where two seats will be arranged: in the blue room for full professors, researchers, student council members; In the green room for technical administrative staff and linguistic specialist colleagues. If the first vote is not successful, the second vote will be held from 3 pm to 6 pm.

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203 full professors, 83 researchers, 19 student representatives on the student council, 285 members of the librarian techno-administrative staff, and linguistic expert colleagues have the right to vote. Each voter can vote for only one candidate. Thanks to Rum Radio, it will be possible to follow the ballot directly and it will also be possible to follow broadcasts on Unimq and Rum Radio’s Facebook and YouTube channels.


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