‘Rembrandt Moi’! My Rembrandt. The inner struggle to own a masterpiece

 'Rembrandt Moi'!  My Rembrandt.  The inner struggle to own a masterpiece

The new appointment of great art in cinema has arrived in Italian cinemas: ‘my rembrandt by Dutch director OK Hoogendijk.

What do they have in common Eijk and Rose-Marie de Mol van Otterloo, Thomas Kaplan, Duke of Buchlech, Eric de Rothschild and Jan Six? Nothing but a rare visceral and perhaps genetic disease that links them to possess the beauty of Rembrandt and the works of a Flemish master. or to remove them. Or study them deeply.

In fact, all of the characters have such ancient faces that they themselves seem to have emerged from very dark and magical images that Rembrandt knew how to create and of which they are still lovers, prisoners, and supporters.

The film is made as a Thriller, a lot curiosity Provides a mosaic of captivating tales, set in a world set between ancient masters. The common point of interesting international characters is Rembrandt’s unbridled passion for paintings that would lead to dramatic developments and unexpected twists, revealing frivolous lies, interests and elbows, rather than the honest world of art.

Personal interviews describe the eclectic and curious personalities of millionaire art owners. It is also one of the merits of the film: to open a glimpse of closed doors for non-professionals, to the world of the collection, its obsessions, neurosis and discomforts.


While collectors such as Eijk and Rose-Marie de Mol van Otterloo, American and philanthropist Thomas Kaplan and the Scottish Duke of Buccleuch show a special bond with “their” Rembrandts, banker Eric de Rothschild puts up two Rembrandts for sale, the sparking Rijksmuseum and A tough political battle between the Louvre.

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The film also follows Dutch aristocratic art dealer Jan Six on the path of two “new” Rembrandt paintings: a nerve-wracking journey of discovery that looks like the fulfillment of his biggest childhood dream. But when he is accused of violating an agreement with another art dealer, his world collapses.

Following all these stories, ‘My Rembrandt’ shows what makes the work of the Dutch painter so special and why his works touch people so deeply.

Coincidences of Art and Its Wonders

A direct connection between the Rembrandt painting and the descendants of one of his greatest friends. January Six – or January Six XI, – is Descendants of his namesake Jan Six, an art dealer and close friend of Rembrandt,

Six (Amsterdam, January 14, 1618 – Amsterdam, May 28, 1700) was not only an art lover, Rembrandt’s patron, Burgomaster of Amsterdam, but also the father of eleven children; Profitable scholars and poets were writers of tragedies. He had a huge collection of known works of art. For the same energy, an expert eye, a renowned art dealer and historian from Amsterdam, caught the attention of all lovers of Rembrandt’s painting with his incredible discovery in 2016.

During an auction at Christie’s, Jan Six saw a portrait of a young man clearly inspired by Rembrandt. The painting had no date or signature: the estimated value was set at between £15 and £20,000. Six made it 137,000. bought in,

After some investigation it was discovered that not only was he in the right but what was his identity. Careful analysis, a year of restoration and fifteen internationally renowned experts claim it is Of an authentic Rembrandt, part of a larger project, painted around 1633, completely unknown, in the possession of the same British family for centuries, Hence the tragedy.

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A few words about the director

Following the success of the award-winning documentary NewDirector of Rijksmuseum (2014)Oeke Hoogendijk, once again we are faced with a great subject to tell a story that talks about art, beauty, mysteries and about the mysteries that surround not only the identity of Millionaire Canvas, but Let’s also talk about the heroes managing it and holding it.

my rembrandt is a NEXO digital event in association with Peace of Magic. La Grande Art al Cinema is an original and exclusive project by Nexo Digital. For 2022, Grande Arte al Cinema will be distributed exclusively in Italy by Nexo Digital in collaboration with media partners Radio Capital, Sky Arte, MYmovies.it and Abbissione Musei.

Directed by Dutch director Ok Hugendijk, the film is set in the world of the Old Masters, a mosaic of compelling stories in which Rembrandt’s unbridled passion for paintings leads to dramatic developments and unexpected turns.


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