Renewal at party expense ?: Johnson may have donated embezzlement

Renewal at party expense ?: Johnson may have donated embezzlement

Renewal at party expense?
Johnson’s donation may cause embezzlement

Did Boris Johnson donate from the party’s coffin to renovate his Downing Street official residence? At least Dominic Cummings, a former confidant of the British Prime Minister, is suggesting. The opposition demands that the matter be fully clarified.

Following widespread accusations by his former confidant Dominic Cummings, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson comes under pressure, among other things, for the renovation of his official residence. Leading opposition party Labor called the Prime Minister to explain. Labor MP Steve Reid told BBC Radio, “We need to know the full amount that has been spent and we need to know who paid the work, the Prime Minister now wants to be reimbursed.” Regarding payment or donation related to renewal.

Labor leader Keir Starr once again called for an inquiry into the government’s action. It is about the integrity and wealth of the taxpayers, he told BBC News. “There is more evidence of this evidence every day. Honestly, it stinks.” Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon made one such statement: The Scottish woman said that Johnson and his government had very serious allegations that made the investigation necessary.

Several British media outlets had previously reported citing Downing Street sources that Cummings was behind the publication of a confidential text message between Johnson and entrepreneur James Dyson. Johnson’s former chief adviser, who quit his post following a bitter dispute in December, responded broadly against the head of government on Friday.

On his personal blog, he accused Johnson of numerous misconduct, including the renovation of the official apartment at 11 Downing Street. The Prime Minister has not spoken to him about the matter since 2020, Cummings wrote. He previously told Johnson that he thought “his plans to secretly pay for renewal by donors are unethical, unwise, possibly illegal, and almost certainly a violation of the proper disclosure of political donations.” He indicated that Johnson once planned to pay party donors for renewal.

As reported by the BBC and PA news agency, the government on Friday said for the first time that Johnson had paid for the renewal out of pocket. The government and ministers followed the code of conduct and electoral law at all times. The cost of the conversion is reportedly equivalent to around 230,000 euros.

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