Reopening in May, the format of the region is

Reopening in May, the format of the region is


In the remainder of Salon del Mobile in September, President Lutti resigned

AGI – 2021 Salon del Mobile, which should be held in Milan in early September, is in the midst of a storm. Some major companies want to quit participating in the next edition, which saw President Claudio Luti resign. The fair is expected to be decided in the coming days in September. Now the decision of what to do, what to do, whether to go ahead with the organization or fly everything is in the hands of the board of Federlegano Arendo Eventi. The board of directors will decide the fate of the fair with a meeting in the coming days. For Luti, the decisions of companies that have retreated are “difficult to make as a quality event, representative of the entire region”. For this reason, he left the helm of the most important design fair in the world “due to lack of willingness to work as a team”. It could be the Salone della Reprezza, if the design fair were to be abandoned, the damage to the country would be enormous: determined by Federicano’s former President Aredo Emanuel Orsini last year, on the occasion of the first postponement. 1 in, 3 billion. Lutti said he did not share the desire to try to define at least one concrete path to do what a “show of recovery for the country can be. The diversity of the region’s global vision” is therefore an inspiration Which inspired him. Fedelagno resigns on the eve of the board of directors of Aredo Eventi, in which he did not attend, giving his mandate before the meeting. “There is no longer any position to pursue my vision of the compactness of the sector”, he said, lacking a “general desire for purpose”. Return of Italian Brands As we know, many foreign exhibitors and buyers will not be attending Salon del Mobile from 5 to 10 September due to anti-Kovid sanctions. There is too much uncertainty. And since foreign exhibitors represent about 30% of the total, these are significant numbers. Their absence would have set the backstage of the main brands, who are beginning to wonder if it is worthwhile to participate in a version of Salon, which in any case is too high a cost to the stand and the entire organization. That it might be subject to loss, or else the loss would hardly be rewarded by new orders and contracts. Also given that 85-90 percent of furniture business is from abroad. Of course, the situation today is unlike the former Kovid times. The design fair attracted over 380,000 visitors from 181 countries around the world in April 2019, before the virus changed our lives. Following yesterday’s rumors about a possible cancellation of the Trade Fair event, solvents rained down from the world of economics and politics today, so that the show was held regularly. Salon is fundamental to a restart, no wrongdoing. For the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Confumerio Milano Carlo Sangalli “it is necessary to avoid wrong ways in this delicate phase of the restart. To question Salon del Mobile is a very serious mistake”. . The speed with which the vaccination campaign is moving forward and security protocols “allow us to look with reasonable optimism into one of the most important events in Milan, involving thousands of companies and an inspired amount of over 200 million” Produce. Euro “. 2021 Salon even more” since last year’s closure “is a” strong symbolic value “. Our city and country have signs of trust to get back on the road and recover the lost ground as soon as possible. Necessity. Serious consequences for hotels The same opinion has been shared by Federalist Milan president Maurizio Naro, who defines it as a “hall of exhibitors” that will be at the center of international attention “with exhibitors”. “Canceled, this year, of Salon del Mobile – he concludes – will have very serious consequences for the hotel sector in great sorrow. In Milan, only fifty hotels are now open with occupancy rates of one room not exceeding 15% ”.

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