resignation of two heavy ministers

resignation of two heavy ministers

New Tile for the British Government boris johnson, which now creaks more and more. Health Minister Sajido javado He resigned today, declaring that he “can no longer serve in good conscience in this government”. Soon followed, the executive’s actual number two, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Rishi Sunak.

Both rejected Bozo’s justification in the case of Chris Pincher, the government’s deputy chief whip, a Conservative MP since 2010. pincher, Who in Britain held a position comparable to our Minister of Relations with Parliament and represented the figure of the bridge between Downing Street and the majority in the House of Commons, was accused of harassment, barred by leading Tories Two- Had to grope at the bar club. Men including a fellow deputy. Johnson said he doesn’t remember Pincher’s Drive Tails, which he named in 2020 social housing minister and was promoted in 2022 to the coveted role from which he recently resigned.

In the face of another scandal, Javid breaks the delay. Declaring that he has nothing to do with the Prime Minister and his executive anymore and that defections are one of them. A 52-year-old Lancashire native of an Indian Punjab family, he has long been one of Boris Johnson’s loyalists. Since 2010 Deputy, Secretary to the Chancellor of the Treasury George Osborne Previously and responsible for overseeing government schemes for the state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Lloyds Banking Group, under the governments of David Cameron, a confident Thatcherian and liberal with a background in high finance, Javid was appointed earlier in July 2019. was selected as Chancellor of the Exchequer in Government boris johnson, For a long time, the former mayor of London, who became the premier, was considered a papal dolphin. But after 200 days after a landslide victory in the 2019 election, he was removed and shifted to Sanita. To replace him, the Anglo-Pakistani Sunak, In recent times given as a more suitable alternative to the premiership in the event of the fall of the government.

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Sunak was the leader of the British economy during the pandemic and, like Javid, initially had very strong disagreements with Johnson’s special adviser, Dominic Cummings, After whose downfall he got a prominent role in the executive. The two men whom Johnson considered close at different stages and in his opinion represented the dynamics of the government identified with “Global Britain”, the son of the Empire who became important ministers, epitomized the earthquake in the executive.

“Our country”, Sunak said today, “is facing immense challenges”. “I am sorry to leave the government, but in spite of myself I have come to the conclusion that it cannot continue”, he said, “the public – reads a letter from the minister – from the government correctly, competently and correctly. Hoping to operate. Seriously.. I think it is worth fighting for these standards and that’s why I am resigning.” Just today came a dramatic warning: “The British government is running out of time to save the national economy,” said the director general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). chevon havillandThe country is facing a multitude of inflation, energy and recession risks.

In the evening, the premier has already appointed substitutes. nadim zahavi, the current education minister, was elected as the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, replacing Rishi Sunak, who resigned this evening. The Guardian announced it. Jahvi was the education minister till now. Alla salute bozo nominated Steve Barkley, Furthermore, which the English newspaper still writes, in a short letter to Javid, johnson He said he was “very sorry” about his resignation, acknowledged the former minister for serving the UK government and people well and assured that his healthcare projects would be continued. “We will miss you terribly,” wrote the premiere.

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For Boris Johnson we are talking about a real earthquake. Perhaps another decisive decision for the future of the Conservative government with the largest majority since Margareth Thatcher. From partygate For Pincher Johnson, who wanted to present himself from the outside as a man capable of reviving the glory of the Empire as Global Britain, the Tories were overwhelmed by the branch. extent of dispute trust vote on prime minister in recent weeks An eviction notice appeared. Now there is internal division in the executive, in a time when social crisis is brewing on the domestic front, the Labor Party has gone to the polls to the detriment of Johnson’s credibility, Northern Ireland has rewarded the union’s opponents London and Scotland. Announced a new referendum for independence. Johnson has long dreamed of having one new churchill But his hold on the country is decreasing. And now the government is officially entering uncharted territory. Not surprisingly, after Javid and Sunak left the scene, Labor Party leader Keir Starmer called on Johnson to resign. If a new wave of defections hits the Conservative Party, fate will be sealed for the Premier. And the resignations of Javid and Sunak also suggest an attempt to anticipate the race for succession for leadership that many swords of authority across the channel believe to be increasingly imminent.

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