Review Osare Perdere – Installation by Democracia Collective

Review Osare Perdere - Installation by Democracia Collective

Seat: Fourteen Artellaro (Tellaro, La Spezia).
Care: Gino D’ugo.

What is demonstrated in fourteen is a project of intervening democracy in the public sector whose slogan is “The best fight is that which is without hope”.

Institutional or commercial messages intended to interfere with spaces are dispensed with a concept that interferes with their general logic. The receiver of the message is open to interpretation, without any means of identifying the transmitter.

A white writing that lights up on a dark background like a dark, a sentence in big letters that makes you think.

The vision is of a “slogan”, deprived of the capitalist intent of objects and political speculation, reclaiming its original meaning, from which the word originates from the Scottish Gaelic (slugh = multitude of spirits and gairam = scream) . For the Celts of the Scottish Highlands it meant “battle cry” and as such we can mean it for a battle of the mind that breaks the habit of forced paths.

Originally, the message is linked to the centenary of the birth of anti-Franco guerrilla Quico Sabet, but the work read without this specific context is open to the declaration of conflict that does not expect reward, it involves a moral The feeling that comes from within and which is not satisfied by eating grief.

Democracia is a collective founded in Madrid (Spain) in 2006 by Pablo Espana and Ivan Lopez.
Characterized with the intention of engaging in an artistic practice focused on the discussion and comparison of ideas and forms of action with the interest of intervening in the social and political sphere. Projects respond to a concern for progressive staging of coexistence areas; Visual, not only in the increasing importance of the image, but also in the gradual inclusion of simulacrum in various areas of daily life, such as politics, technology, or culture.
Democracia works as a node of temporarily grouped interests for the development of a single goal, which is approached from different perspectives: each of the participants in the project, these are different agents (permanent and temporary) Which also shape Democracia. Specific communities with whom a collaboration has been established.

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Democracia operates through artistic interventions, but also through editorial and curatorial (editors of Nolens Volens magazine) and curatorial (No Futuro, Madrid Abiarto 2008, Creedor de Duenos) productions. Founder and member of El Pero Collective (1989–2006).


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