Rishi Sunak’s hot debut at Westminster

Rishi Sunak's hot debut at Westminster

Rishi Sunak made his Westminster debut in his new role as Prime Minister. As he himself said during his inaugural speech, confident, relaxed and ready to face the challenges of the future, he immediately joined the firefight with the opposition Labor leader. Keir Starmer challenges his economic and financial policies, even the structure of his government,

Notably, the appointment of Suella Braverman to the Interior Ministry a few days after her resignation. An appointment which, according to Starmer, was possible thanks to the agreements “Despicable“Within the Tories.”he made a mistake in judgmentSunak admitted he was happy to have him on the team and announced an increase of 15,000 police officers to guard London. first premier of asian origin then Repeated its apparent numbers for preliminary elections, implemented in the classroom,

In an argument with the Labor leader, Sunak also promised to protect the most vulnerable in British society, as it already has.I did it during the worst of the covid pandemic“. And he said”Looking forward to collaborating with the Scottish people’’, referring to the desire of Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon to ask for a referendum on independence.

But the all-out confrontation between the two political leaders focused exclusively on the economy and taxes. Starmer resists promises of new premier measurescompassionate“challenging him, among other things, to abolish the tax privileges exploited by his own wife until a few months ago – a wealthy Indian heiress – thanks to a law that exempts business profits from taxes”no dom“collected abroad by non-domestic, wealthy taxpayers residing in the state.

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Rishi Sunak, encouraged by an apparently revived majority by the handover between the truss and him, replied with a belligerent air, Claiming a mandate from one’s own party to implement the election manifesto given in the election Since the 2019 win


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