Roma Capital-Ifel pact to strengthen tax collection

Accordo Roma Capitale-Ifel per rafforzare riscossione tributi

Saturday 26 February 2022 – 14:40

Roma Capital-Ifel pact to strengthen tax collection

It does not provide for financial charges to be borne by the administration

ROME, February 26 (askanews) – The Capital Council of Mayor Roberto Gualtieri has approved a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) plan between Roma Capital and the Institute for Finance and Local Economy (IFL), which aims to help improve and strengthen budget analysis. and to provide assistance. Tax assessment and collection process.

The NCI’s agreement with the Foundation, established in 2006, which does not provide for financial fees to be borne by the Capitoline Administration, has a strategic objective to improve the quality of administrative action, particularly on spending, revenue and Pay attention to the relationships between Municipalities and Municipalities.

In detail, the Protocol, which consists of 8 articles, hence the attainment of a survey of the economic and financial condition of the Roma Capital, in comparison with other metropolitan capitals, and the launch of a techno-scientific study as to its purpose and purpose (Article 1) Virasat is associated with a census and digitization process that favors better management and transparency.

The collection system and evaluation procedures will also be subjected to regulatory and organizational analysis and a study will begin on the financial-accounting relationship between Rome and the municipalities with the aim of evaluating spaces for administrative autonomy and promoting the regulation of transfers . Based on the relationship between regional requirements and the corresponding standard costs.

“The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Eifel – commented Deputy Mayor and Councilor for the Budget, Sylvia Skócz – is a fundamental step to strengthen the administrative capacity of Roma Capital, especially on issues of collection and administrative decentralization towards municipalities. I am very pleased with this agreement because it will allow us to collaborate with the scientific and human resources of the Eifel, to deploy all the equipment useful to re-start Rome’s administrative machinery”.

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