“Rome before the Expo, but stop the occupants”

Ranucci: «Roma avanti sull

Rafael RanucciCreated and coordinated the civil list with entrepreneur Alessandro Onorato, a former senator from the Democratic Party Roberto Gualtieri who made a decisive contribution to the election of the mayor and the entry of five councilors into the Capitoline Assembly.

One year of Gualtieri administration, are you satisfied?
“On some things the mayor revolutionized, on others you need more courage.”

Let’s start with the first one.
« With candidacy for Expo 2030, Mayer finally gives Rome an international profession back, back as a hero to the world. Also, along with our honorable councilor, he breaks all records of major concerts. Passing Milan was not easy, with over 500,000 ticket sales: we are talking about over 2 million ticket sales. Onorato did well to erase the pre-conceptual “no” of rays. Not to mention the great sporting events that next year will change the face of Rome: from the Ryder Cup to the arrival of the Giro d’Italia or the return of high fashion with Valentino. In this way employment and wealth are created for Rome.”

Tourism also seems to be doing well.
“This is our main business: Rome is finally back to sell itself at international fairs with the same image, coordinated with the Lazio region and sector operators”.

What do you think of the mayor’s directive that allows housing and utilities to those who live in homes?
“There is a housing emergency in this city and it must be addressed, but legally. We’ve had outrageous businesses for far too long, but there’s also the business of public houses that goes against those who need them. It is unimaginable that this development in public housing will continue: in Rome you have to respect the rules ».

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In what other areas do you see the change in speed?
“More has been done on the school in a year than in the past 15: hiring temporary workers, opening new schools, lengthening the afternoon hours with additional projects. Mayor Gualtieri and Commissioner Pratelli did well. But I I am also thinking about the capital treasury ».

What do you mean?
“With the Scottish commissioner they are settling the accounts: only in this way can the very high municipal taxes be reduced.”

What about trash and decorations?
“Well, mayor on the waste-to-energy plant, where we must proceed without fear. On Ama more courage is needed and the time has come to choose a town hall and contract the service to private individuals. It is the end of the year. I will have citizens, who will say that it was better with Ama or who won the contract ».

Do you think this can actually be done given the historical reluctance to change our ways of these realities?
“Of course. Will is power. It’s not a question of going against Ama’s employees, who work hard, but it’s time to convince their managers and the municipality that either high standards are guaranteed or it should stop.” “Payment of taxes must match an efficient service”.

And don’t you believe me?
“On transport, more courage is needed. For example, on scooters, following Ruggie’s crazy regulation. They are a dangerous hazard to the safety of users, the use and decoration of sidewalks. Then I would expect a daily check on the Atac service contract. It is clear that everything should be fixed after the disasters of the past, but at the same time we must stay on track and check the frequencies, routes of buses and trains thoroughly, not to mention their cleanliness. Let’s talk about taxis: a large part of the category eventually wants legitimacy but it is unlikely that there is only one councilor for tourism to deal with. Patanè must face the illegality of Ciampino, Termini and the Vatican every day. How long do we still have to wait with kilometer queues of users waiting for taxis at the termini? ,

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What should the administration do to encourage the re-launch of Roman industrial excellence?
“We need to create conditions within cities so that we continue to invest: simplifying bureaucracy and doing more regional marketing”

Regional elections are due in Lazio in early 2023. What do you think will happen?
«After 10 years of excellent Zingaretti Junta, I feel like someone in the middle has hit the button of self-destruction. We look forward to repeating Rome’s triumphant experience in Lazio.”

Will you enter the Democratic Party?
« The Democratic Party I helped didn’t represent me for a while, but I think this is a moment of union rather than division. I don’t understand why the Democratic Party has abandoned the productive classes, lots of young people and a more modern image at the third pole, I would say contemporary. Today, however, the Democratic Party appears to be from the 19th century, while we are in the metaverse. It can be recovered. However, we need a new ruling class. Enough club leaders who pose themselves for the glory of the era of Rutelli or Veltroni without standing up enough ».

Will you go in then?
«Let’s see if Congress will really be open, at the moment comparing ourselves to other civic experiences in other cities. Everyone believed in a Democratic Party that no longer existed and that in these civic realities there is a new young and ready ruling class. A resource to be exploited. A great asset to a new democratic party.

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