Rome, here is the Gualtieri junta: gender equality and nine proxies for the mayor. Sylvia Skoczez appointed deputy

 Rome, here is the Gualtieri junta: gender equality and nine proxies for the mayor.  Sylvia Skoczez appointed deputy

Just two weeks after his election as mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri presented a council that would accompany him for the next five years of administration. Some curtains are still missing – the former minister has kept nine for himself for now – but the councilors’ team has been outlined. The directors of absolute gender equality are: six women and six men. Sylvia Scozzi, the councilor appointed to the budget – the accountant had covered the same position in Ignazio Marino’s council – would also cover the role of deputy mayor. Among the councillors, both politicians and technicians of the area, are involved in a game of balance to give representation to all souls of the majority in the election of the former minister. The expansion – to satisfy all the political themes of the coalition and their currents – which Carlo Calenda did not miss. The MEP, who finished third in the race for the Capitol and for a position in the administration, on and off, published an important tweet: «The council presented by Gualtieri is unfortunately exactly what we expected. A current representative of the Democratic Party in key ministries and cabinets, and various positions for those making the support list. Bad start ».

The mayor said enthusiastically during the presentation: «There are six high-profile men and six women. An intense and exciting five-year journey begins with them. We have extraordinary opportunities: PNR, Giublio and Expo. With determination comes many problems. We are aware of the difficulties but are also very optimistic.” In addition to the Scottish deputy mayor above, the following Democratic Party representatives have held council positions: sabrina alphonsi – Former President of the Town Hall of the Historic Center – For Waste and the Environment, Maurizio Velocia – former mini-mayor of Portuens – for urban planning and regional councilor eugenio bridge To send From the civilian in support of Gualtieri, the coordinator of the list was chosen. alessandro onorato – Capitoline councilor for years – tourism, major events and sports and leader Monica Lucarelli – Former President of Young City Entrepreneurs – for productive activities and equal opportunities.

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For the Department of Culture, he was selected miguel gotor, Professor of History at Roma Tre and former Senator of Articolo Uno. Nominated for Partnerships and Services for the City of 15 Minutes, Andrea Caterci, to reward the support of Left Civic Ecologist. Roma Futura Civic Group, in which Giovanni Cado Its leader receives the School and Work Department: he capitalizes himself. Claudia Pratelli, CGIL Officer and Ex-Councillor in Salary Municipality. was chosen for social and health Barbara Funari, the Roman coordinator of the Christian-Social of Demos, a formation which, along with Paolo Ciani, took third place in the primary. Appointed for heritage and housing policies Tobia Zevic, the 40-year-old researcher is a participant in Primary’s gazebos. Finally, he closes the list Ornella CountersThe technology of the Ministry of Transport selected for Public Works and Infrastructure.

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