Rosobella delirium: Campobasso in Serie C, Hrithik wins and big party

Rosobella delirium: Campobasso in Serie C, Hrithik wins and big party

The Wolf defeated Rieti 2–1, while Notaresco fell to Recanati. Won the Serie D championship after 21 years. Joey bursts into the stands of ‘Manlio Scopigno’ and on the pitch. And the parade begins in the city

of Maurizio Cavaliere

Chronicle of a worthy promotion.

At the Centro d’Italia “Manlio Scopigno” stadium in Rieti, a dominating but nonetheless long and treacherous championship performance begins with Rosobella fans arriving in a hurry. The hard core appears en masse instead of half an hour after kick-off.

It’s hot enough to play, with Kudini’s boys already on the pitch for the pre-match warm-up. While the fans sing, they sing, because it is their art that is in joy and in pain.

The first ten minutes of the race are of study, the wolves set in, Riti Rintuza and try: it really hurts when he does it seriously. It’s the twelfth minute: a quick exchange that leads to a wari shot which, against all odds, brings the hosts forward. Scottish showers throughout the season for Rosobella on the pitch and in the stands. Molise’s team was astonished as it looked ready to sink the first blow into the offensive zone.

Anxiety builds up in seconds, it’s not a good feeling. What happens in the later minutes, however, is history that already belongs to Rosobla football.

Cudini’s team does two similar, practical tasks. This is boom boom worthy of the best Tyson. One-two with Esposito and Candelori, who reverse the ritual between 18th and 21st as the team explodes on the field, including Rossova fans and benches. The joy which is further increased after 5 minutes when news comes from Recanati that the ‘Leopards’ are 1-0 ahead of Notaresco.

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Infectious joy in the stands, the team never loses its luster on the pitch. All right, after an initial scare, Pietro Cogliatti was forced to walk out for a blow in addition to an injury. He is replaced by Mattia Rossetti, as we know him, in shape, even if a ‘number nine’ exit doesn’t make Cudini a unique player of his kind.

Wolves are good at pausing and dribbling in the last minutes of the first run. Reitini is only dangerous on one occasion, but the score does not change: 2–1, similar to Recanates-Notaresco, who goes 2–2 in the second minute of the second half, with a full comeback by Terramani.

Wolves will now officially be in Lega Pro, but everyone is begging because football is not an exact science and Notaresco is an objectively insidious version of this complicated matter.

However, La Recanatis does not offer discounts, as was the case with guests on a great day at Campobasso-Porto Sant’Elpidio. In fact, Eleven from March returns to the advantage while Campobasso touches the trio with Rossetti unable to find a mirror on Esposito’s good cue. Another roar of the grandstand occupied by Molise supporters: Recanet made another: 4-2, a goal from Tegola, already, a tile that fell on Notaresco’s head, now of course, it seems, Sensational continuation of Wolves’ results for the mat in the face and today’s Ricketts Panzer reversal.

Campobasso keeps the pitch well, Rieti is never dangerous, Vitali actually touches his head to the effect, which could have shut down the contest. The result is the win, while the news comes from Recanti that the indomitable Notaresco has managed to score two goals, making it 4-4. But that’s not enough. Campobasso won. Campobaso is back in professional football.

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Big party in the field. The team jumps happily under the stands, Cudini is carried in triumph, and when the fans are no longer in the skin and we close the piece, Campobasso, in the distance, we hear the first honking. It will be a long afternoon of festivities, until late in the evening. It was tough compared to the rankings, but it was also exceptionally qualified: from the team, to the managers, to the technicians and the fans. This Serie C or Lega Pro has all to say the least. After years and hardships, Campobasso is back.


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