Rugby’s Italy reaches U20 biggest (12) victory and seeks space

Rugby's Italy reaches U20 biggest (12) victory and seeks space

ROVIGO – Round Four six nations Marks a historical data for Italy of rugby. There 20. under national Achieves the same number of victories as the old one over the duration of the 23 editions of the tournament. Both now have 12 successes and one equal, compared to 101 for adults and 99 for youth (the 2020 edition for COVID is not complete). Major Italy defeated Scotland 7 times, France and Wales 2 times, Ireland once and drew with the Welsh. Under 20, Italy played Scotland 8 times, Wales 3 times, England once and Ireland drew.
opposite the way. Youngsters have collected 7 consecutive wooden spoons since 2000 (when the tournament was less than 21), then they grew up and won at least one match for 5 editions (2018). On the other hand, the greats have collected 6 wooden spoons since 2016 and the seventh is a step, so they fell.

They’ll take a hit if Italy wins less than 20 on Friday in Wales best result ever: 3 successes in one edition (with 2 he has already equaled the 2007 and 2018 records) and a possible third place behind Ireland and France. A slew of data that produces reflection and questioning a strategy in Fedrugby.

reflection and strategy
1) Reflection, Then the equality that has been exploited for years, the equal growth of people under the age of 20, is wrong. Otherwise, with the best youth results achieved since 2007 (the birth of the first Federal Academy and the change of age) senior Italy will no longer lose 36 games in a row. The second secret is the depth of the catchment area and the squad of players to make the team competitive. Otherwise, the big-name national team would not be playing with owners Marin and Menoncello, under 20s also required by the waters like Benetton and Garbisi II. It will be a replacement generation for Paris. It will not experience the perennial business of recent years. This means that the federal policy so far made has not been effective.

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2) Strategy. It is appropriate to redefine the objectives of the high-level sector led by Franco Smith and Kieran Crowley, for the current Six Nations, and to evaluate the next. If Italy under 20 can aspire to significant results that have not been ascribed to the greatest, let’s help them achieve them. For example by giving her Marin for her engagement in Wales. If Marin (Menoncello is injured), Water and Garbisi II in a team coached by Massimo Brunello in Ireland had been available soon after the engagement with Benetton in Glasgow, Ortombina would have rested and didn’t make use of the top 10, perhaps he would have won instead. Gone would have been lost.. Now he could even compete for victory in the tournament by defeating the British for the first time.

Italy is like the bread of victory To win respect on the pitch. You focus on the team best suited to get them now, who doesn’t know when, and better coordinate the national teams, which we think is not great dialogue. The fruits of the training and high level reforms initiated by the new FIR administration are awaited. have hope.


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