Russia bombed and destroyed Dnipro airport

A destroyed building in Chernihiv (EPA / Sergei Doljenko)

The Ukrainian military made it known by condemning the new Russian bombings

A destroyed building in Chernihiv (EPA / Sergei Doljenko)

In the past few hours there have been reports of mass graves of civilians discovered by Ukrainian forces in countries around Kyiv, from which Russian forces have recently withdrawn after weeks of occupation: the time when newspapers reported Spoken in, the latest of him are found in Makarev and Buzova.

On Saturday, some evacuation operations were carried out from cities in eastern Ukraine where fighting is still going on: the Ukrainian government said a total of 4,553 people were evacuated. Another dozen evacuations are scheduled for Sunday.

In the past few hours, Russia’s bombing of eastern Ukraine continues: the Ukrainian military said that the Russian army re-attacked and destroyed the airport of Dnipro, one of the most important cities in eastern Ukraine.

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