Salvini against Fournero advisor: “He’s already done too much damage”. Her: “Politicians call on us to make unpopular choices”

  Salvini against Fournero advisor:

“La Fornero selected by PD to care for Italian pensioners??? No thanks, does not fit in the league, the woman has already done too much damage”. League leader with a tweet Matteo Salvini attacks the likes of Mario Draghi former labor minister to enter elsa fornero Among the economic advisors to the government.

“The Under-Secretary to the Prime Minister, Bruno Tabacchi – reads the website of the Department for Planning and Coordination of Economic Policy (DIEP) – based on the delegation received from President Mario Draghi on the Coordination of Economic Policy and the National Investment Plan of Interest, a With two separate decrees already registered for the establishment of a Governing Council, which will have the task of orienting, strengthening and skilling programmatic activity in the field of economic policy coordination in DIEP free of charge. Under-secretary Tabachi, in coordination with Professor Marco Leonardi, will head the

An organization that would include: Antonio Calabru, Patrizia de Luis, Giuseppe de Rita, Elsa Fornero, Giuseppe Guzzetti, Alessandra Lanza, Mauro Magatti, Alessandro Palanza, Alessandro Pazno, Monica Parrella, Paola Profetta, Silvia Scozze, Alessandra Cervido, Alessandra Cervido, . But among all this, the name of Elsa Fornero makes the most noise.

Salvini has already said he will present one in the House and Senate questions for clarification On what purposes will the former minister work? and understand in particular whether it is true that “There will be a fight that Fournero intends to make a name for and which will aim to increase the employment rate among the elderly in good health through an increase in the age of access to an old age pension”.

Salvini’s party – A note reads – Question to Minister of Labor and Social Policy, andrea orlando, explaining that “Undoubtedly, Elsa Fornero’s choice is not – to the questioners – synonymous with peace and tranquility with regard to possible interference in the field of pensions, even in light of the imminent cessation of the quota 100 experiment”. Orlando responded to the Leaguers on Twitter: “I find it strange and curious that Salvini has asked some of his MPs why Professor Fornero has been appointed among the advisers to the Department of Economic Planning”.

Fornero did not shy away from the controversy. “Last week Tabachi called me. He told me he would be very happy if I joined the economic planning committee. I was very surprised”. To tell the story, in an interview with the press, the former minister. About his new commitment, Fournero explained: “As always I will tell the truth. The truth is that we have six years to spend a lot of money. But the truth is also that if we don’t spend it well, that money will become debt and others.” Countries will ask us, they will always be there, ready to jump on us.

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Then speaking of the role of technicians, he says: “There are times when politics calls us. Maybe because they think it’s time to make an unpopular election.”. Doesn’t politics like unpopular alternatives? “we say – Fournero says – who prefer to delegate those matters to others”.

Elsa Fornero tells Republic: “Someone even advised me not to accept the offer to join the commission, but I said yes because for a long time I was considered infected and I was subjected to personal attacks”. Then he adds: “I am glad that after hate speech there are people who think that my opinion can be useful. Although, I am a simple consultant with a very minor role, if they ask for my opinion I will give it to them”.

he talked about the controversy Bruno Tabasi, Under Secretary to the post of President of the Council. “I read about important controversies in the context of the appointments of the Steering Committee of the Department for the Coordination of Economic Policy, established, appointed and chaired by me. The experts established within the DIEP, depending on the legislation and the subject of my delegation to the Council I will have the task of providing pointers and suggestions to groups. Obviously, if I have addressed questions, I will answer in Parliament as I have on any other occasion. The nominees, including Professor Fornero, clearly have my full confidence. The Governing Council does not have in its functions an invasion of pension reform or the competence of the Ministry of Labor or other Ministries, nor the direct management of the NRP”.


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